Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A "Constant"

Like most residents of Hillcrest, Saturday is another word for "Project Day". I love warm Saturdays when, with windows and doors open, the sounds of hammers and saws can be heard all about my neighborhood.My husband would say that his weekly trip to Kraftco would top his list of Saturday favorites.

Things that Don't Change
Few places are "constants". Kraftco is. There used to be others like the Heights IGA Grocery, but the stuffed monkey that for 40 years sat atop the produce section's banana "tree" was lamely replaced by a Curious George, not the same, so I crossed that place off my list.
But...Kraftco...where the linoleum tiled floors have worn paths down each aisle, and the smell of old-hardware store fills the air. Screws, nails, garden supplies, paint, and hardware of all types pack the aisles from floor to ceiling. Where, upon entering, each customer is led precisely to the exact item needed. Whether it's one screw or a chainsaw, the Kraftco men treat everyone with same amount of care and attention. Wow.
From killing ants to replacing a garbage disposal to patching a roof, the Kraftco sages have guided us through many home repair projects.

Seasonal Fun
A hint of snow in the forecast and out come the wooden "Flyer" sleds. In the summer there are wooden ice cream makers, even the ones with cranks for nostalgic souls.(Personally, I'm not that old or patient for one of those things!)

The Kraftco Sages Know All
My husband enters Kraftco's doors with, "I live in an old house in Hillcrest." Immediately the hardware heroes are smiling, nodding, and tracking with him. I enter with hand gestures similar to charades, and my message is always deciphered.

One Saturday, and I do mean one, my husband returned from his weekly Kraftco run emptyhanded.

"Kraftco didn't have it," he reported with a blank look in his eyes.

"Didn't...have it?" I repeated not believing my own words.

And we stared at one another in silence.


  1. Very cool! I could see Kraftco in my mind. What a wonderful place, I imagine.

  2. I was recently sent over to Kraftco and loved it! The ole men were great,with suspenders and all. You can't even get that at Fuller and Sons!