Sunday, June 19, 2011

Introducing My De-Cluttering Bike

Say "Hello" to my Felt Cafe 24 Bike. Totally made possible through my de-cluttering efforts. Mrs. Beasley and lots of other childhood treasures sold on Ebay helped me achieve my goal.

This afternoon, I completed a full 15.82 mile River Trail loop, burning 837 calories, according to my i-Phone app. Two deer, one water skiing competition, two drug dealers, one Snickers bar break in the River Market (okay... take away 271 calories burned for that), a raccoon, two hours, and a difficult 97- degree- non-shady- very- hot- 15- minute home stretch finale, and I'm done.

So much fun.


  1. What a great bike! (And I love your new look--so cute!)

  2. WOW BEV!!! just WOW!!! Not only is your new bike GORGEOUS... I am so proud of you and happy for you that you reached your goal! And as for the maiden voyage you took on your bike... YOWZA!!!


  3. Congrats on several jobs well done!