Monday, April 13, 2009

What I learned This Week #2

Oh my goodness, Jo-Lynne ( Musings of a Housewife), it could not possibly be Tuesday again so soon!
Learning is like a chain with many links for me. I learn simple things which lead to larger life principles. This kind of learning usually occurs when I make a mistake. I encourage myself by saying,"It is not a mistake made in vain, if I learn how to not repeat the same thing again." The simple mistakes I made doing computer stuff yesterday led to great time loss-age which led to extreme frustration but also led me to the learning curve and a resolution to not repeat the same error in the future. This makes it all good.


  1. Hey...thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment...fellow Arkansan!

    Computers can make me lose my temper faster than anything in the world including my kids!

    Have a great week! Come by anytime :-)

  2. are very close to me. I have a sister who lives in Bauxite and a best friend who lives in Hot Springs.

    Amazing what a small world we live in.

  3. That is a great lesson - one I could use more often. Thanks for sharing.
    Great blog - thanks for popping over my way!

  4. Ahhhh yes. I have spent HOURS "wasted" on a computer problem. But I almost always learn A LOT in the process. :-)

  5. Just read your "Target trumps Walmart" comment. LOL!!!
    But have you been to the new Super Walmart in Maumelle yet?
    Wow nice!

  6. Computers are only nice when they work the way they're supposed to. Mine periodically spazzes out, and of course it only happens when I sit down to work - and it's late - and I'm tired. Glad you learned how to avoid it for next time.

  7. You have a great perspective on life... I can tell I'm really going to be encouraged by your blog!

    PS - Target kicks Walmart's booty, IMO.... :)