Friday, March 18, 2011

Childhood For Sale

I'm sharing my childhood memories with whomever buys these incredible items on Ebay.

Here's the link to my auctions for any interested buyers: Ebay

A few years back, I financed the spending money portion of my trip to England on the Liddle Kiddle dolls which accompanied these cute, little books. I made so much unexpected money that it prompted my oldest son to say,"If I could go back in time, I would buy up all the Liddle Kiddles that I could and leave them in the boxes."

One buyer thanked me, "I have been searching for this doll for 40 years!"

I thought, "I have been saving this doll for 40 years."

Glad we found one another.

Seriously, my grandmother's Victorian antiques are a bust, but my Liddle Kiddle stash is cha-ching-ching! I figure that Cathy and Susan will not be collecting these fondly remembered treasures from the assisted living center, so now is the time.

It's in pristine condition.

This one has a slight bend mark.

This booklet shows all of Barbie's latest fashions! BTW, I have the original Barbie from 1958...
I bit her nose off, so that's why I won't be selling her. I'm still thinking about all the original Barbie clothes, however.

Barbie, Skipper, and Tutti... yes. Francie... sorta remember her, but... who is Casey? She didn't do so well. Anyone recall her relationship to Barbie?

And, while I am on the subject, I just have to complain that my Barbies NEVER had a Ken. I had every Barbie imaginable, and all were forced to date G.I. Joe who had, not a red convertible, but an Army Jeep. I don't know if you have ever seen Barbie and G.I. Joe side-by-side , but the scale is off just enough to make their friendship quite awkward.

True Fact: When my third son was born, all my Barbie doll heads fell off... a strange omen.

Now, we are entering the teenage years. Look at this Vintage 1971 Funky Groovy Threads patchwork shirt. I still melt when I see it! This is difficult to sell.

Look at its awesome coolness.

And now for THE shoes. Drove to Memphis with my grandmother to shop for shoes and these came home with us....

100% soft leather patchwork. I still love them so much...


  1. You have such a great eye for things. I want to go rummaging with you. Please move here. Thanks.

  2. I had a couple of those Liddle Kiddles -- but with two younger sisters, everything I had got passed down and then likely sold in a garage sale. What a gyp! :)

  3. Oh. My. Goodness.

    All I have to say about the Barbie venue is, "Where is Midge?!?!". Poor Midge. No one remembers her.

    My Barbies had Ken AND Allan! Who remembers Allan?

    The shoes are trippin'!

  4. Okay, this post was a HARD one for me!!! I sooo loved my Little Kiddles and they have gone missing yet again :( I do have my Barbies and some awesome clothes. I always loved Skipper - she was my favorite.

    That shirt and those shoes....... oh Bev, they are awesome! I would have a really hard time giving those up! Cool stories too! But you've documented their coolness with pics that will always be fun to look at - probably much smarter than keeping the item. Good job!

    Now if I could just find my Little Kiddles....... :/