Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random May Happenings

I can't remember planting this...but...welcome to my garden anyway.

Have I talked enough about how much Mac the Labradoodle is loved? Anyone that doesn't think she is the cutest dog ever...I pity you.

Good-by Freshman Year of College.

I love it that these Black-Eyed Susans who are drought resistant and indigenous to Arkansas decided on their own to line my fence this season. Thank you... score one for the lazy gardener!

Camera Hijacking by 16 Year Old Boy...enough said.


  1. Ya gotta love May! I have one daughter packing for her honeymoon in Jamaica and another who today accepted our offer of a plane ticket to come down here for a quick visit! Life is good.

  2. How did this blog post sneak up on me when I try to keep an eye on you!?!? That's pretty cool you got a surprise Foxglove popping in on you - it's so pretty! (don't let your sweetie pie Mac near it though because I love her too and they are poisonous to dogs!) And *YAY* for getting one of your boys home for the summer - SCORE!!! Love, love, love black-eyed Susans - they are some of my favorite photo subjects because they are so naturally photogenic :) And last but not least, I know oh so well about camera hijacking..... ;)

    Happy Weekend Bev!!! xoxo