Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hillcrest Cottage Snow & Golden Thievery

Here's an equation for you: My "Global Warming Celebration" bike ride in sunny 75 degrees + one week later arrival of the heaviest snow we have had in years = "Welcome to Arkansas".

No Birds Bathing Today!

Hillcrest Cottage Garden

Yesterday, my confinement celebration included pairing clean socks which had been overflowing from the 'unmatched sock box' for... uhhhh... several months. It's a good feeling to know all of Hillcrest Cottage's sock partners have been reunited!

Today's work-out will include a very enthusiastic vacuuming... then a walk in the snow. It's beautiful and sunny, and Mac is tagged to be the "favored dog" who will accompany me.

Mac the Labradoodle and Beautiful Lucy the Doodle-less love snow more than anything. The ice clings to Mac's curly fur, turning her into an ice ball. Lucy romps wildly, loving it when I sweep lots of snow into her face.

With Lucy it is always "the wilder the better."

The Golden Retriever book I had borrowed from the library stated that " If Goldens were people, they would be kleptomaniacs."

So true.

Gloves and socks are a temptation to great for Lucy to resist.

Example of Lucy's Hand-i-Work

Last evening Lucy ate several fingers of a blue glove.

Lucy's Late -Night Blue Glove Fun

I will leave you with the following image and all the possibilities that Hillcrest Cottage can anticipate.

Snowbound Lucy Plotting Her Next Theft


  1. Lucy indeed looks to be deeply in plottery.

    I'm soooo jealous of the snow!

  2. There's just something about snow that dogs love -- I'm so glad yours got to experience it. They really looked like they were having a ball! :)

  3. The doggie video even made Pepper smile!

  4. Do we live in a crazy world or what! It's been the same here all the way over in southern California - some mornings it's in the 20's or 30's...... some afternoons it's 85...... and then there was one week of rain and SNOW!!! Sheesh!

    I have to admit though, your yard sure does look pretty with all that lovely snow! And the video of the girls was ADORABLE!!! I love watching pets have so much fun playing like that :)

    Good luck with your little klepto though....... :D