Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I Learned This Week #1

My new blog friend, Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife encouraged me to do this post. Every Tuesday I have been challenged to share something which I have learned this past week... whether it be silly, serious, life-changing, or simply an observation. I love this challenge! Taking note of life in my Hillcrest Cottage is this blog's purpose. Therefore...every week I'll be involved in this new mental exercise.

Most Improved
I learn stuff all the time...every day. That is a catch-22 statement sorta like receiving the 'Most Improved Player' award at the sports banquet. The 'Most Improved' Award has always made me ask several questions: Was I really that bad? Am I still that bad? Am I getting this because I'm awesome now...or because you had to give me something and this is all was that's left?

Do I learned something new every week because I am so 'unlearn-ed'? Do I learn new things because I enjoy both learning and keeping life fresh? Yes...and yes.

Stinky Soccer Player
In the seventh grade my Davis announced that he had joined the school's soccer team. We laughed at him...out loud. "Davis, you stink at soccer!" was my reply. (Doesn't sound like an affirming "mom" comment. Be assured that Davis and I are "cool" . He won't be entering therapy at age 30 over this comment. Trust me, there's plenty more for which my kids might need to receive counsel after having suffered the fate of being my children...ha.)
It was true...Davis, who is a gifted athlete, did stink big-time at soccer. The last time he had been on a team, he stood statue-like in the field every game refusing to move or touch the ball. I had thought that season was a soccer career ender; another activity added to the 'Well We Tried That' list.
Out of nowhere, Davis developed an extremely strong passion for soccer. He worked his tail off that seventh grade season. At the end, he did receive the 'Most Improved Player' award. He was very proud...and so was I.

Davis' Passion
This soccer season he is on the high school team; people marvel that he is such a 'young' player! He's awesome. Mom Lesson and, maybe this brings me to what I learned this week: The passion for soccer came from within Davis. This passion was not the result of parental pressure to be a 'mini-me'. Husband and I are totally free of MMSS (Mini-Me Sports Syndrome) in the soccer department...didn't have that sport when we were his age...whew. Davis doesn't have to endure the long-winded tales of our youthful greatness...double whew.
I am free to be Davis' number one soccer fan and encourager. I don't care if he ever goes 'pro'; I just want him to have fun. Oh yeah...sports are supposed to be fun.

What Passions Do You Encourage in Your Kids?
What's the Best Award You Have Ever Received?


  1. Love it. We should all have a passion like that for SOMETHING. =) Enjoyed your site and your pictures. Congrats on the USMA son. My hubby is currently serving a 6-month deployment with the USAF. =(

  2. Thanks to both of you for your sacrifice and service!

  3. Great post - I will be amazed if any of my kids are gifted in sports - as their parents certainly aren't!

    Is soccer becoming much more popular now in US? Obviously it is THE sport here, but I am not that bothered!

  4. Nice new picture of you. My husband is a soccer fan but all of my girls dont show any passion for it. They only want to do ballet and cheerleading with drives the poor guy nuts.....

  5. Welcome! Jo-lynns carnival is the only one I participate in and I love it. can't wait to read more from you.

  6. I love your sunny format! I think you are such an engaging writer, the words just flow! I like this Tuesday idea, I might have to try it! Davis sounds like a very cool kid! I was a very non-sports girl and still can't seem to remember what position my boys play in their respective sports!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. =)
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    If you want to find out more, email me at lifeartist48@yahoo.com.
    I'd also love to find out more about you, since we live in the same general area. I'm happier sharing that info via email.

  8. That's awesome! Good for him. Isn't it fun when your kids surprise you?

    And yes. Sports SHOULD be fun.