Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunting Days

My 18 year old Stuart has expressed concern regarding this blog. "Mom," Stuart advised,"you need to look forward. Quit writing about the past."
This was an upsetting advisement because I am all about the future. I just re-thought my house full of antiques in order that I would not be perceived as outdated. I just threw out tons of stuff from the attic so that I would not cling to the past. I regularly change my house's paint colors and fabrics. I am always re-doing something!
I concluded the real issue is not my blog but rather an 18 year old trying to shed his past of oxford bucks and matching brother outfits, among other childish things. Last year his brother Clayton observed that I had warped their childhood with "those geeky red-toed shoes" (See pic) . Ha.
I thoughtfully considered Stuart's warning, and confidently concluded I am not living in the past. Contrarily, I am happily pressing toward the future. Still, I do have great memories, the past brings more smiles than regrets. My writing opens my mental scrapbook. I'm not living there...I'm just remembering....

Easter Egg Drills
"Boys," I warned ominously, "the world of Easter egg hunting is a cruel one. Other kids will rip eggs right out of your hand. Hold on tight. Guard your baskets from spills and thieves. Don't stop to admire your eggs or eat candy. Keep moving at all costs."
My competitive nature always came out in times like these. So,next, we did practice drills working on speed and focus. Thus, my pre-school boys were fully prepared for their first public egg hunt.

Let The Competition Begin
A Kinleystead Easter always meant brunch followed by 3 boys on the front porch politely posing, baskets full of candy and silly putty. Our Easter egg hunts were well-anticipated and, with three boys, could be quite competitive. Someone usually gloated; someone usually cried. Such is life.
Lots of plastic eggs were filled with money and candy. The biggest prize, however, was the coveted 'Golden Egg', followed by the silver and bronze. These eggs were harder to find and were filled with Kinleystead coupons entitling the bearer to all kinds of fun activities. Lots of stuff to which Mom usually said "no".
Ballpark concession stand treats, grocery gum machine, and trips to dollar store. Other favorites were Saturday breakfast out with Dad, I get to choose the dinner menu,and I don't have to clean my room. As the boys matured, the coupons grew with them. Gumball machine morphed into I-Tune cards, quarters into dollars. Fun times.

End of an Era
Last year I made an executive decision without consulting the guys. No more Easter egg hunts. To my surprise they were visibly disappointed. It had to be. Somehow, the image of my very-soon-to-be WP new cadet looking for plastic eggs somehow just didn't seem right.

What Cool Things Have You Added to Your Easter Egg Hunts?


  1. too funny, my boys had matching brother outfits also. Ha. AND loved them in those shoes too only I did get them the navy ones. Ha

  2. Wow - that then & now Easter picture on the sidebar is so precious! Great post!

  3. Someday you are going to be the most awesomeist coolest Easter egg hunting Grandma there is! :)