Friday, December 11, 2009

Electric Socks

My morning was beginning favorite kind of beginning. The weather outside was cold and rainy. The coffee was good. Mac the Labradoodle was working on the a.m. nap quite aggressively, complete with snoring. She and I both knew it was an "inside" kind of day at Hillcrest Cottage.

A quick email check and I was "fixin'" to begin making chicken and dumplings. After that, it was on to pimento cheese and brownies for Davis' school bake sale. A very organized day...on track...until....

Glancing through the West Point Parents' online forum, there were, understandably, lots of posts regarding the Army-Navy game on Saturday. Tips on how to navigate traffic, how to connect with your cadet, weather reports (whoah....gonna be cold), and tales of the cold Army-Navy games past. More tips on how to dress, keep warm, layering...and...

electric socks.

Electric socks. Battery-operated electric socks. All at once my mind could think of nothing else but my cadet's poor frozen feet. Electric socks. Nothing would do but my cadet have the electric socks.

Chicken and dumpling pot was put aside. The pimento cheese never was made. The brownies had to wait until that night. I ran to throw on a pair of jeans. I was soon out the door to purchase the electric socks and to make it to the post office in order for the package to be over- nighted to West Point.

Options. He must have options. What if security won't let him use the electric socks? So, I bought air-activated toe warmers, insole warmers, 10-pack hand warmers (he has friends), and even an air-activated t-shirt body warmer. And, of course, the electric socks..with extra batteries.How was all this going to fit in his pockets? I didn't care. The more I thought of him in 20 degree temps for 9 hours, the more frozen he became.

I raced to the post office, chopped off my arm to pay for the overnight postage (yikes!) and returned home at 1:30 to "begin" my day.

My cadet had no idea how urgently had been my mission, that I had altered my whole day's plans, ventured into the very cold and rainy day to spend money I didn't need to spend...all because...

the concern for a child is the most powerful force on earth.

I could not help but think of this:
Just as a father has compassion on his children, so does the Lord have compassion on those who fear Him.

God, I'm asking You for some pretty big stuff right now, and I know you know how to give good gifts to Your children. I am thinking that...

The electric socks are in the mail...

even before I ask...

before I even feel the need to ask.


  1. Lovely -- comforting and heart-warming. Even without batteries.

  2. Hey there! I feel like I've run into an old friend. Its been awhile since I've visited!!! McDaddy enjoyed all the pictures of the muddy jeeps!!! Hope you have a great holiday!