Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why We Did Not Rake the Leaves

It was a beautiful Saturday- before- Easter at Hillcrest Cottage. The chosen chore de jour was to finish the spring leaf raking.

It didn't take much to get sidetracked from that job... and the following is part of what happened.

Discarding a rotting table on the front veranda led to a decision to give the table another life in the cottage's rear. Antique estate sale legs replaced the rotted ones. Soon, the smell of grilling steaks filled the air.

Here's the new-old table pre- steak dinner.

Inside the green shutter doors is my favorite Summer spot. I call it "The Potting Shed". Not much potting goes on in here... mostly reading, thinking, and napping. The stone floor is always cool and air from under the house flows through a vent providing natural air conditioning (mandatory when the Arkansas temps reach their Summer highs).

Peek inside this quiet, peaceful space...

Mac the Labradoodle loves it when I open the Potting Shed's doors!

Mac enjoys the stone floors. When I sit on the swing, she naps under my feet.

I saw this fun votive chandelier at a local antique mall. My sweet boys snatched it up for my birthday gift. It is very special for that reason.

Lots of candles make the Potting Shed shine at night.

The chandelier at dusk.

It was a productive day... much better than leaf raking.


  1. I agree. Ever so much better than leaf raking!

    Wishing a Happy and joyous Easter to Hillcrest Cottage from Moogie's Mansion.

  2. I wanna come and visit you! I would like it if you would open the Potting Shed, too! ;-)

  3. I love the idea of your non-potting, potting shed. So cute. I imagine you spend much time there in the spring and summer. :)

  4. I love the look of your cosy hideaway - I rather fancy one myself!

    Pomona x

  5. Productive day indeed, wow! Love that shed - and my fave of course is the awesome chandelier from 3 sweet boys who love and adore their mom :)