Friday, October 15, 2010

Hillcrest Cottage Random Friday

Nothing like a morning which starts at 5:30 a.m. cutting and gluing for the 17 year old's procrastinated history project. Collarbone was hurting him, so we pitched in to get it all done. Late to school, but out the door with "1932- 1936 /The Golden Age of G-Men/The Great Depression" tri-fold poster in hand.


After all the early morning wildness, Lucy votes for a mid-morning nap!

This just in, an emergency text message from West Point: Pray for my Arabic presentation!

Fire up the chiminea... it will be cool tonight. College boy coming home for the weekend, and we are planning fireside conversation! Happiness. Quickly clean his room.

Heading to the art studio. Things hatching in my mind need to be birthed.

Buzz by my neighborhood print shop with latest art creation. Squeeze in a power walk.

Pray that the Warrior football team doesn't sustain major injuries while facing the future state champs and football players 50 to 100 pounds heavier tonight at the away game.

My Hillcrest Cottage Friday.


  1. Except for the hurting collar bone thing, this sounds like an idyllic Fall day! Enjoy! (And, I think Lucy had a good idea!)

  2. I am not sure that "procrastinated" was ever intended to be an adjective ... but, heck yeah, I love it!

    Enjoy the beautiful weekend with your family!

  3. I loved this "random" post - I can so relate to it! Not only does my brain work the same way, but you know very well my life and yours are pretty parallel :)