Friday, February 5, 2010

God Grabbed My Chin

Tuesday morning I awoke to an unexpected vertigo. I couldn't even raise my head until Thursday at dinner. Traveling to the bathroom was like walking up a 30 degree incline on a storm tossed ship while having a huge magnet attached to my skull pulling my head toward the earth's core. All was accompanied by a tsunami of nausea. Deep-breathing techniques learned in childbirth class pulled me through without experiencing a negative incident (That's polite talk for I didn't drive the porcelain bus.)

I lost an entire work week. All my plans...poof. A reminder that I am not superwoman.

I had to remember how my two year old third son would grab my chin with both of his chubby hands to pull my face toward his insuring him of my undivided attention.

Tuesday I felt like God was grabbing my chin.

This vertigo wasn't like flu where I could drag my weakened body to load the washer and dryer. The illness was not like a pain that could be overcome by Advil and determination. I was stuck.

Stuck...flat on my back...unable to turn my to focus only upon a fixed point on the ceiling which, unfortunately included a chandelier in dire need of dusting.

I wrote the other day about Jesus knocking on my door ...well...on Tuesday, God grabbed my chin. Aside from the dusty chandelier, He had my undivided attention. There I Tuesday to-do list (created Monday night) left with no back Sharpie lines drawn through each task...laundry and dishes forming piles...Mac the Labradoodle wondering why breakfast is so tardy. Left flat on my back, all that was left was prayed I did.

Personally, I would have preferred some God-time to include a brisk walk around my Hillcrest neighborhood or some quiet reflection in one of Hillcrest Cottage's awesome alone spots.

"My thoughts are not your thoughts; Neither are your ways My ways." Isaiah 54:8


  1. God has such a love-hate relationship with the human understanding of a "to-do" list. Sometimes He lays it out there, saying "GO." Other times, he says "be still and know..."

    I hope you're past the tsunami effect.

    p.s.....why have I never noticed that chandelier before!? So beautiful. I hope one day to have a cottage of my own. You will help decorate, of course! ;)

  2. My Mama had a friend with the habit of looking at the dust on the hall table beside the front door and writing the date in it on her way out to explore the world and do good deeds. It's hard to reach the dust on a chandelier to record the date, but one can do it metaphorically.

    Maybe that's why God grabbed your chin.

    Glad you're feeling better!

    (p.s. -- Fettered is right. The chandelier is gorgeous!)

  3. Hiya, just wanted to say Thank you so much for the You are Precious picture, which I collected from the post office today. It is already hanging in our daughters room, and is both beautiful and so so pertinent. It was so special to find the sweet note inside too. Thank You so so much!
    (By the way, I came across you via My Awesome Olive Shoots!)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi! I love meeting women with so much in common. Love your blog and loved your reminder that as much as we think we have it together, God sure reminds us of who is really in control here. We have really had alot of ups and downs the last few years with my husband's health and I have done a lot of praying and A LOT of whining and making promises. But in end, I am always thankful that God did not let me have my way because his decision always comes out better than anything I could envision.
    Glad you are back to earth. There is nothing better than a "normal" day!
    Nice to meet another Arkansan and one so close.
    * I just put a cd my husband made for me in my computer at work of Cold Play! :)