Sunday, March 27, 2011

1920's Candlestick Phone

In the early 60's, Captain Kangaroo was my hero.

I loved everything about his black- and- white- TV self!

I loved Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Mooses (lots of Misters), and especially Bunny who never missed an episode of plotting "the ping pong ball drop" on the Captain's head. It was never "if" Bunny would do this thing, but how and when.

Nothing was funnier in 1963.

From right to left: Captain Kangaroo, Bunny, Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose... but who and what is that that costumed character? I don't remember him at all. Is he a bear? What is his name?

Anyway... I always admired Captain Kangaroo's phone.

In today's world, consumer's would just buy a phone just like the Captain's. "Bunny" puppets would be available for purchase. Everyone could have their own Captain's uniform!
But, not then.

One fine Saturday afternoon while in college, I found this:

My Very Own Captain Kangaroo Phone!

It is now "For Sale". This is serious business!!!
I am serious about selling my childhood.
I am serious about the de-cluttering process.
I am serious about buying my new bicycle.

P.S. Please pray for Mrs. Beasley. She is doing better than expected on Ebay.


  1. I am amazed by all the beautiful things you are selling. And how much you kept over the years! I keep nothing. My poor kids won't have any keepsakes. :)

  2. Neither will mine... 'cause I'm, selling it all.

    My boys have said, "Sell it, Mom". They care NOTHING about my silly stuff. They would rather see me riding my shiny, new bike!!!

  3. NICE BOYS!!! They want to see their mom be happy :)

    Isn't the bear Dancing Bear? I remember his huge nose :)

  4. Wow.. way to go! I have been working on some major decluttering too- it is a good feeling! Have you read the book "Scaling Down"? One of the best books I've read on decluttering- highly recommended! :)

  5. Where did you find the phone. I have been looking for a while now for one just like it. I love vintage things like that and it is amazing.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    I found this candlestick phone one Saturday afternoon in 1978. It was the ultimate antique discovery... in a small town... in a dusty antique store... for a price a college sophomore could afford.

    I sold this fine phone on Ebay,
    and I'm thinking it went for around $130. I think I paid around $50 originally.

    Ebay is always a great source for very specific items that you may like to find.

    Happy hunting!


  7. It definitely is an amazing piece. I've looked at a few on Ebay but most seem to be replicas. Thanks for writing back so quickly.

  8. Yep! It was the Dancing Bear!