Monday, November 29, 2010

A Hillcrest Cottage Thanksgiving

You know you are fully "grown up" when... and the blank can be filled in with various words. A few years back my husband said, "You are no fun on holidays. All you do is work."


It's true, but despite all the work, I still love Thanksgiving.

A peaceful walk before the wildness of preparation began.

Davis had a week-long vacation from school and was able to go duck hunting. I have been forbidden to show the very bad picture of him hold the following because duck hunting begins at 3 a.m. and his face looked like it. He came in the door holding what is in this picture, and I laughed because I thought it was a rubber duck ( like a rubber chicken), but it was real.

Don't hate. This is how boys in Arkansas roll.

Next came the many hours of preparation. Polishing the silver, cleaning the house, seating charts, setting the tables, cooking all day, guests arriving. Too busy for pictures, but you get the picture.

The menu: Oven roasted 25 pound turkey, cornbread dressing with giblet gravy, cranberries, sweet potato casserole, homemade buttery yeast rolls, corn casserole, fruit salad with pecans, green beans bundled in bacon followed by a choice of homemade pumpkin topped with whipped cream, pecan, or chocolate meringue pie coupled with fresh ground hazelnut coffee.

After the food, here are the cousins minus one.

This is the first Thanksgiving holiday we have had Clayton at home since his going to West Point.

My very silly guys all on big brother's back

I have learned if want to spend time with my college guys, I must keep college guy hours, so there were several nights when the chiminea fire lasted until 3 a.m. We watched the Hogs (our football team) beat LSU and are now ranked nationally #7. I managed to get in several rounds of a fast-paced Scrabble game. Lucy discovered she doesn't enjoy large crowds.

This morning Davis rattled out of the driveway in his Jeep, and the college guys are back at school. All I can hear is the peaceful napping of Lucy and Mac.

Today... the quiet in Hillcrest Cottage sounds like music to my tired, but happy, self.


  1. Sounds so wonderful. The quiet is nice--I'll admit that I enjoyed it myself today--but it's also kind of sad, isn't it?

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving and how great to have your boys at home.

    I can't usually keep the same hours my boys do whenever they visit. Good for you for being a good sport and staying up past your bedtime. :)

  3. College boy hours. Man, oh, man -- is that ever the truth!

    I'm so very glad you had everyone at home! The bustle can be exhausting, but it makes the memories that keep us company after all the birdies have flown the coop. We didn't use silver this year at the sister-in-law's, but that's another story. Shay and hubby were at his parents' in Dallas, but they got to go watch the Saints beat up on the Cowboys at JerryWorld. They had a nice time, and they were missed, but there was plenty of action to keep us from missing them too much.

    Good lucking duck! To be roasted or gumboed?

  4. Ahhh, Bev... that sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! Every speck of it! What a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family and ALL YOUR BOYS! I SO RELATE, as you know :) It just warms my heart. And you're such an awesome mom - I just love it :)