Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Events

Many things have been going on at Hillcrest Cottage the past month or so. Soon, it will be time to process and blog... until then, a few pics tell some of the story.

Beautiful Lucy Continues to Learn the Hillcrest Cottage Life: Four Month old Lucy can 'sit', 'shake', and tell me when she needs to go outside... most of the time. She also knows how to steal naps on my bed.

Davis Turns 17!

Number Nine Begins the Football Season

Cadet Kinley's 'GF Surprise' Labor Day Visit: We love this incredible GF very much... and... all the more because it draws this guy home more often.

Kinley Boys Home for Labor Day: Every mom knows how this feels to have everyone together... even if only for a weekend. These three guys are different in every way... except for their awesome-ness!

Daily life is definitely full of up and down struggles that can sometimes suck away all energy. It is important to jump in a helicopter and get the bird's eye big picture view. That's what this post has been about doing... and... I have to say... it is an encouragement to my own heart to see these images and be reminded that Hillcrest Cottage Life is a very blessed one.


  1. Oh Bev... you know I can so relate :) Loved every pic of HC Life... but the last one of those 3 wonderful boys together nearly did me in. Blessed indeed!


  2. What a wonderful family you have, you must be very proud.

    Lucy is adoreable.

    Hugs RosieP X

  3. What a fabulous surprise! The moments of having everyone under the same roof for a happy reason are precious indeed. I'm glad that Lucy has gotten a chance to know all her people!