Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Icon: Burberry Trench Coat

As Hillcrest Cottage accomplishes the daunting task of de-cluttering, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the awesome items I will be "sharing" with who's ever dead Presidents speak the loudest to me. As I have written previously, too much of my emotions are attached to physical objects. Letting go is difficult.

But... with my eyes fixed resolutely upon the acquisition of a new bicycle, I forge ahead with the task at hand.

This Spring fashion season is full of trench coats. Riding this fashion wave, I predict that, come Fall, if you don't have a trench, then... well... just stay at home.

And... in the world of trench coats, everyone knows there is but one name:
Burberry of London.

Take a look at this awesome fashion statement. It also comes with a button-off wool lining for cold weather.

Adorable dog not included.

Burberry is so much more than a coat... it's a lifestyle. When out-and-about in a Burberry, it is always double the fun!

Look at the fantastically awesome antique wood crate purchased yesterday at my neighborhood Hillcrest Junk Company (click here to see). I attached it to the rear of my grocery- store- run Purple Cruiser. Until my new one arrives, this bike will have to suffice.

This beautiful model looks classically stunning in the timeless Burberry sporting the button-on wool collar.


London has come to Hillcrest Cottage.


  1. You really should do fashion shoots. And demand a spot at Bohemian re-purposers-R-us! Love the bike crate! You are soooooo creative!

  2. Beautiful coat and beautiful model! I can't wait to dive into your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

  3. I think we're now connected every way possible. I got your card (it made me cry and I don't consider myself a crier) and I'm following your blog and I'm following you on twitter too! :-) So excited that we had that God moment together at the women's conference!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by Brambly and following-I'm so excited when I gain a new friend, especially one with similar style.I'm looking forward to following you and learning a little about your world. Take care.