Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FYI: Jesus is Coming Back This Week

Today on a regular Wednesday, I was doing my daily correspondence, working on my Etsy site, and cleaning middle son's room. His freshman year of college is over, and he arrives back home tomorrow.

A knock. A "someone's here" bark from Mac the Labradoodle.

I walked to the front door to see who may be stopping by at such an odd time.

A package...not so unusual. My husband frequently receives parcels for various reasons.

But...this box was different!

That "FTD" logo really caught my eye...especially when I realized that MY name was on the label.

Inside the box was this:

With a card that said this:

Time out: It must be understood that my firstborn son is an incredible person, but gift-giving has not been his greatest strength. Once, two years ago, I received a candy bar for my birthday...which was incredible. I ate every bite and have never forgotten it. However, his modus operandi has always been: "I was going to get you a present, but...." Years ago I had accepted it would always be this way...which is fine.

But, today was different and surprising! Seriously...what mother's heart wouldn't be melted after reading a note like this...written by a West Point the middle of finals... who is struggling academically. It is a priceless gift I will never forget...right up there with the candy bar.

So...FYI: This is a sign of the Apocalypse. Just thought my readers might want to prepare.

P.S. My husband reminded me that for Christmas '09 Clayton had given to me military strength pepper spray. How could I have forgotten that? My soldier's love language is keeping the people he loves "safe".


  1. This is so beautiful. You obviously raised a great son!

  2. Oh my! What a treasure! I am thrilled for you! Nate is a wonderful note writer and I cherish every word he pens. We are blessed mamas of brave and tender-hearted men and Soldiers. Bless you.

  3. Oh Bev... that was absolutely precious. I think that's possibly one of the sweetest acts of love - and the sweetest blog posts telling about it - that I have ever read. My heart is near bursting out of my chest. Bless that sweet boy of yours :) And enjoy every bloom my friend - you certainly deserve it.

    Guess I'd better go get ready for the you-know-what

  4. OK, that note totally made me cry. My oldest is just going into college. I'll wait another four years before I expect anything like that--a realization, a lightbulb, whatever you call it--but I sure hope it happens!

    What a great son you have!

  5. That's so sweet. I love it when it's even more out of the ordinary and unexpected.
    Warms a mom heart.

  6. Awww. The baby boy is growing up. Enjoy!

    And Happy Mothers Day!!

    (Daddy and your mom had lunch a few days ago -- glad she's doing better!)