Wednesday, June 3, 2009



What a great pic, even though he had already taken off his robe...

(Me, Mom, Bev) I am in the picture!!!

Refer to 'Film' to understand the significance of this momentous occasion...


and graduation was great,too.


  1. I don't know who looks more proud! Or is it relief? I experienced the same thing when I looked at the end of year report cards and saw that everyone got promoted to 4th grade.


  2. I know how you feel. I am the family photographer too.
    Congratulations, two down one to go and then what will you guys go???
    Janet S

  3. Looking good, Hill! And congrats to your son!

    Just so you know, I got so caught up in reading your blog, I burned the beans for tonight's dinner. (See tomorrow's post for an update!) :)

  4. Hey there! Congratulations to your son! What an awesome time! :) And congratulations to you ... you had a pretty big hand in this accomplishment, no doubt.

    I was bummed when I was going to be driving through LR yesterday and could not figure a way to contact you. The motel we were at the night before had some kind of security on its internet that would not allow me to leave a comment on your blog with my phone number. Hopefully you were too busy all day to have met with me anyway, right?? :) Hopefully some other time.

  5. BIG, BIG, BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Such a huge and wonderful occasion - such an amazing milestone! Best wishes to Stuart and everything that's in the future for him - and to you also for the many years of love and care it has taken to get to this moment!

    And it is AWESOME to see you in the PHOTO!!!!!!!!

    Meg :)