Thursday, March 31, 2011

Afraid to Scratch My Head

I recently read a de-cluttering article in which the author encouraged "de-clutter-ers", such as myself, to document the items given away or sold. If the memory is not in the object, the author stated, then a photo brings back the same memories, right? And a photo takes up lots less room!

I remember the day I acquired this wonderful 19th century homespun blanket with its home- sweet- home cozy style (which still looks classically fabulous with crisp, white linens). It was the Spring of 1986; a local collector was auctioning her primo early American New England primitive antiques.

It was a gorgeous spring day. The auction was under a tent. The event was everything I thought an antique auction experience should be! It was my first and only auction with bidding. I was so afraid to move an inch in my folding chair, or even to scratch my head because I had heard stories about auctions and scratching your head and owing money you didn't have, etc.

My heart beat so fast when the man said "Sold!" as he pointed to me. I couldn't wait to get this blanket home.

It is still a great treasure... just time to let someone else enjoy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bye, Bye Beasley

As this de-cluttering process begins to pay off in real cash, I am already half-way to my goal of a new bike.

Click here to see it's awesome-ness!

I thought it would be difficult to tell Mrs. Beasley "good bye", but when the bids began to roll in... well... it got less and less sad.

Today it came time for the boxing which began to resemble a casket. Well... it is a death of sorts.

Here she is checking out the box size:

She fits!

After this picture, Mrs. Beasley did a really good impersonation of the "Shroud of Turin".

Then, it was: Bye, Bye Beasley!

When I ride my new, shiny bike down the River Trail ... soon ... on a bright, sunny day, the wind in my hair (no helmet... sorry... unless I get that cute polka dot one I saw online the other day) I will thank Mrs. Beasley for how she contributed toward my new passion!

De-cluttering is fun!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

1920's Candlestick Phone

In the early 60's, Captain Kangaroo was my hero.

I loved everything about his black- and- white- TV self!

I loved Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Mooses (lots of Misters), and especially Bunny who never missed an episode of plotting "the ping pong ball drop" on the Captain's head. It was never "if" Bunny would do this thing, but how and when.

Nothing was funnier in 1963.

From right to left: Captain Kangaroo, Bunny, Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose... but who and what is that that costumed character? I don't remember him at all. Is he a bear? What is his name?

Anyway... I always admired Captain Kangaroo's phone.

In today's world, consumer's would just buy a phone just like the Captain's. "Bunny" puppets would be available for purchase. Everyone could have their own Captain's uniform!
But, not then.

One fine Saturday afternoon while in college, I found this:

My Very Own Captain Kangaroo Phone!

It is now "For Sale". This is serious business!!!
I am serious about selling my childhood.
I am serious about the de-cluttering process.
I am serious about buying my new bicycle.

P.S. Please pray for Mrs. Beasley. She is doing better than expected on Ebay.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mrs. Beasley

Mrs. Beasley and Buffy

My attic de-cluttering project is getting very personal.

Consider Mrs. Beasley from the 60's TV show "Family Affair": Stored in an attic footlocker since 1969, she has a slight "bed head" but is in great condition otherwise... except...
she no longer talks.

Which is a good thing... because if she could talk, she would reveal that in 1967 I truly was Buffy. I had the pig tails and all the Buffy clothes with matching bows. I would faithfully watch the weekly Family Affair episodes with anticipation to see if Buffy's outfit was in my closet. Many weeks we did have the same clothes.

The clothes and bows are long gone, and all that I have remaining is Mrs. Beasley. But, soon, she, too will pass on to some collector's home where she can be loved and appreciated more than being stored in my hot, dark (and less-cluttered!) attic.

All proceeds from her Ebay sale will go towards the "New Bicycle" fund.

Mrs. Beasley (1967 to 2011)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Childhood For Sale

I'm sharing my childhood memories with whomever buys these incredible items on Ebay.

Here's the link to my auctions for any interested buyers: Ebay

A few years back, I financed the spending money portion of my trip to England on the Liddle Kiddle dolls which accompanied these cute, little books. I made so much unexpected money that it prompted my oldest son to say,"If I could go back in time, I would buy up all the Liddle Kiddles that I could and leave them in the boxes."

One buyer thanked me, "I have been searching for this doll for 40 years!"

I thought, "I have been saving this doll for 40 years."

Glad we found one another.

Seriously, my grandmother's Victorian antiques are a bust, but my Liddle Kiddle stash is cha-ching-ching! I figure that Cathy and Susan will not be collecting these fondly remembered treasures from the assisted living center, so now is the time.

It's in pristine condition.

This one has a slight bend mark.

This booklet shows all of Barbie's latest fashions! BTW, I have the original Barbie from 1958...
I bit her nose off, so that's why I won't be selling her. I'm still thinking about all the original Barbie clothes, however.

Barbie, Skipper, and Tutti... yes. Francie... sorta remember her, but... who is Casey? She didn't do so well. Anyone recall her relationship to Barbie?

And, while I am on the subject, I just have to complain that my Barbies NEVER had a Ken. I had every Barbie imaginable, and all were forced to date G.I. Joe who had, not a red convertible, but an Army Jeep. I don't know if you have ever seen Barbie and G.I. Joe side-by-side , but the scale is off just enough to make their friendship quite awkward.

True Fact: When my third son was born, all my Barbie doll heads fell off... a strange omen.

Now, we are entering the teenage years. Look at this Vintage 1971 Funky Groovy Threads patchwork shirt. I still melt when I see it! This is difficult to sell.

Look at its awesome coolness.

And now for THE shoes. Drove to Memphis with my grandmother to shop for shoes and these came home with us....

100% soft leather patchwork. I still love them so much...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Hillcrest Cottage Mugging

An unexpected mugging occurred on Saturday as we were enjoying an out-of-town flea market outing. My husband came face-to-face with this treasure:

Four Dollars!!!

The "Coffee Hound" mug collection welcomes its newest member:

Another Hillcrest Cottage Update:
I am slowly continuing my kitchen transformation. Pay no attention to the cabinet's paint job because the red cabinets are going ochre... I think.

I decided to join the open cabinet revolution. Not having solid white dishes kept me from doing this for a long time. I know I will really like this when the cabinets (inside and out) get their fresh, new painting.