Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Day at the Lake

Can you imagine anything better than drinking coffee... on a shady dock... by a beautiful lake... in the summer?

Imagine this.

How about a cool breeze before the mercury rises for the day? The peaceful quiet before the tubers begin to cruise by the dock? The gentle rippling of the water against the shore?

Let me ask this question: Would you rather have a lakeside McMansion with all the bells and whistles? With brand-new everything and bedrooms for every guest?

Like this beauty?

Or a 1950's-era cabin filled with quilts... and pine paneling... and old board games... and beds everywhere... and floors begging to be re-finished?

Like this.

I just returned from an overnight outing where traditions like writing on the chalkboard are never altered. And laughter, old stories, a competitive game of Yahtzee, and the love of friends close- to- me- since- the -eighth- grade decorated the cabin with a lavishness that made the McMansion across the lake fade in comparison.

Enough said.

Here's to very special friends!


  1. Your time away sounds perfect. I like a smaller lake place.


  2. What a lovely tribute to our vintage lakehouse. The few photos and thought-provoking words captured the true spirit of our home away from home. This special place indeed is meant to be shared with special friends. Thanks Beverly for capturing the essence of this place that is part of my heritage and soul - Kathy

  3. You were doing it exactly the right way ... no doubt! That's how our lakehouse used to be ... too!


  4. OH! What a lovely setting and dear, dear friends! Nothing like that - nothing! And the 50's era cabin with all of that endless charm... beats that McMansion hands down.


  5. @Mary Jane... this cabin belongs to the incredible Weaver sisters... their grandparents built it in the 1950's and everything is still the same. They call it "the museum"... so fun.

  6. Ahhhh. That's how I remember it from my childhood.

    There's nothing like a wonderful getaway with old friends.

  7. I'll take the old place anytime...looks like a perfect getaway.