Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sprint Through the End

I ran track in high school, so I really know what it means to sprint through (not to) the finish line. This Mom Race has been long and hard... and challenging and fun.

Many people may see the line ahead and say, "Oh, the race is almost over, I can slow down now."

Winners and losers. Champions and participants. It's the end which separates the runners into categories.

Only one more of these after this one:

No slowing down for this mom! No coasting on past victories allowed. It is time to get my second wind, to dig down deep, to run with purpose.

And... to lean over and grab my knees, to clasp my arms behind my head, to gasp for air and feel the pain... after the finish line is passed.

I want to run with no regrets, to know that I gave it everything I had to give.


  1. Hello my sweet friend! Just popping over to say hi and thank you for your sweet comments today. I appreciate your prayers.

    I didn't know you were a speaker either! How funny!

  2. Go for it, Bev!

    You're just in the sprints now. Cross country and marathon are yet to come. Save a little wind and stay hydrated!

  3. Hi Bev...

    You are one strive mom...You have done you best..But remember to fill you tank up...Good luck..Nice blog