Sunday, February 20, 2011


Cleaning out my art studio was a good thing...
a very good thing.
Look at this nice, tidy bookshelf!

But... cleaning out my art studio led to the hallway

which led to my bedroom which led to my bathroom which took me back to the hallway...

and re-cluttered my art studio.

Help! There is no where to which I can shuffle the clutter.

I am stuck until I clean out my basement, garage, and attic.


Why I am enslaved to clutter brings out all the quirkiness in me. And, since I am such a do-it-yourself type person, I had to analyze myself:

1. I fear I will throw out something I will want or need later... to use in life or as a creative project.

2. I have emotional attachments to physical objects. I feel like I am throwing away my childhood, my children's childhoods... or worse... my grandmother.

"Oh," asks Myself, " the same grandmother who hated clutter and was famous for throwing out everything she no longer needed?"

"Yes, " I replied to myself, " the same one who threw out all my mother's dolls without consulting her and who gave the yard man the really awesome antique train set with which I loved playing?"

"Yep. That's the one," Me added.

3. "Mom, you hold onto the past too much," observed wise college son.
Okay... so, I my fears of the future make me I hold too tightly to the past.

4. I am the obligatory family historian and curator. I can not remove myself from this role lest the family history should die.

6. I could sell this stuff and make some money.

Concluding my session with Me, Myself, and I, it came down to this question:
Does the daily "real" benefit of de-cluttering OUTWEIGH the things which "might" be done with the clutter?


But, it is still not easy to let go.

Here's the re-cluttered art studio... except, now I am preparing for a sale mid-April:
Hillcrest Cottage's Art & Oddities (Really... cool... stuff).

Will I really do something with these t-shirts?

Harry Potter fans... Do you recognize this?
A piece of art which I just framed and it looks great! It will be a part of the upcoming show along with a Boy Scout hat from the 1920's, a turquoise-colored metal oar, and whatever else I discover in my effort to de-clutter Hillcrest Cottage.

And... I did re-purpose some things I have been planning on re-purposing like this incredible needle-pointed rose (needle-pointed by my grandmother).
Love it!
It will be a very happy edition to someone's home.

P.S. When I sell the needle-pointed rose I will NOT be selling my grandmother with it...
I am sharing her.


  1. Gf, I can relate! About a year ago, I had trouble parting with a washrag from Nate's childhood. You are a very talented woman and friend!

  2. Ok, I totally identify with this...but the bottom line is my very favorite. I'm going to adopt it. Next time I pass on some valuable thing, which should be any day, since I am in the middle of seriously decluttering, I am going to change my attitude. I am not getting rid of. I am sharing. THANKS!

    word verification word: spoded

    I think I have some spoded china that needs a new home.

  3. You are ever so much more energetic than I!

    Pepper and I are both hopeless packrats. Some day the authorities will find our poor, dried-up carcasses crushed beneath mountains of important clutter. And I completely concur with all your reasoning (except for that selling it part. I'm allergic to yard sales.)

    I have that same Elsa Williams needlepoint rose, both as a bellpull (to summon my non-existent servants) and chair pad for a chair that I haven't had since college. Your grandmother and I worked on them together. Thanks for bringing back that good memory of my wonderful aunt!

  4. Came across your blog today and am glad I did. Looking forward to reading more. I'm a LR blogger too.

  5. Welcome Michele! I'm glad you found Hillcrest Cottage. I hope you will pour a fresh cup of coffee and read some more!

  6. Oh my... I can just tell where this snowball is heading!

    (I'm finally catching up w/ my fave blogs Bev!)

    Girl. You've got some amazing stuff! And that needlepoint rose? BEAUTIFUL!

    I can understand your reason for holding onto things - you had a beloved family member who gave things away that you and other family members may have really treasured, and you don't want to see that happen again. I totally get that. But I do get that there comes a time when it can become a burden rather than a treasure trove. I think you're probably being really SMART to get in there and decide what's what! I'm excited to see everything too!