Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Mr. Kinley, Tear Down that Wall!" - Part Three

The plaster on Hillcrest Cottage's wall between Kitchen and Dining Room seemed to be in excellent condition. There were no major cracks, damage, or any signs that would indicate the need to cover the wall in a more modern gypsum board.

Hmmm... we wondered.

"Oh, look at these water spots on the flowered wallpaper, " observed Mr. Kinley.

There must have been some sort of water problem, but above is our bedroom with no source of water. That certainly didn't make sense.

More tearing. More revelation.

The 'water' spots began not at the top of the Kitchen wall but in the middle.

Hmmm... we wondered once more.

Notice the 'water' spots appear to be not water spots at all, but coffee drippings flowing down from a divot in the plaster. The divot is where part of the green leaf is missing. It's obvious that a coffee cup had been thrown across the Butler's Pantry!

The Great Coffee Revolt of 1946 sent overactive Kinley imaginations into overdrive.

Did the second owner (H.G. and Birdie who purchased the house in 1941) anger a servant by tapping his foot buzzer one too many times? Did something more gruesome happen after the coffee anger management incident that would necessitate a cover-up? Or, perhaps Birdie had wanted to fly the coop?

The secret had been hidden for 74 years... Hillcrest Cottage alone knows the true story.

And... as all other Hillcrest Cottage stories have gone, only part of the truth will ever be known...

the rest is mystery.


  1. I love a good imagination is running rampant as well!

  2. You are such a great story-teller! And I just LOVE the hydrangea wallpaper. I don't think I'd want to live with it, but I love it nonetheless. Maybe they installed the gypsum board because they couldn't bear to tear up the wallpaper.

    As to the "whole" truth -- I think I prefer rampant imagination to "truth" in mysteries such as this. Keep yours cranked up!

    I hope there's a fourth installment!