Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sun Sets on 2010

As the sun has set on "2010", the following are quick and random thoughts from Hillcrest Cottage.

"As for me, I will trust in You, O Lord, I say: You are my God.
My times are in Your hand.... Make Your face to shine upon Your servant." --- Psalm 31

Keeping "College Guy Hours" is difficult these days: My knapsack art expresses my feelings best:

Happy New Year from Hillcrest Cottage's newest resident:


  1. Pretty sunset photo -- I like the decoration in the tree -- what is it?

    And you have a new puppy! What is his or her name and how did come by the little rascal?

  2. We call those kind of trees "gum ball trees" and the decoration is a gum ball. I took the icture because it reminded me of a Christmas decoration hanging there.

    Lucy is 6 months old. We adopted her in July. She was supposed to be a goldendoodle and would typically look very similar to mac the Labradoodle. Unfortunately, Lucy's "doodle" never came. Soooo, we just call her a golden and are loving her just the way she is. I love her smile in this picture!

  3. Happy New Year. Lucy looks lovely,Lesley x

  4. I love your sunset photo - gorgeous! I've never heard of a gum ball tree, but it's awesome :) And thank you for sharing that Psalm - it's lovely :) And Lucy is so big now! She is adorable :)