Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Report

This is a Post-Mother's Day News Alert from the very testosterone-filled Hillcrest Cottage and is dedicated to all the moms who did not receive dinner served by candlelight, roses, or a promise by kids to clean their rooms.

My Gifts
From my West Point cadet deep in the trenches of Term End Exams with Chemistry covering two semesters greeting him early this morning, I received a Mother's Day greeting in my Facebook inbox complete with a promise to call tonight. From my high school senior, I got a combo text message which was part "I'm on my way home" (from a midnight movie), part sincere Mother's Day tribute. From my youngest (who's soccer team won the state championship on Saturday...go Warriors!), a huge bear hug was my gift.

I am Blessed
This is what living in a house filled with guys is like. However, a mother who has the love of her children every day of the year is blessed, and I have that.

Regular life may now resume.


  1. I have boys too. Just knowing you are loved is enough I guess.. love the picture!

  2. Stopping by from MBC...

    Sounds like you got some lovely gifts!

  3. from one testosterone-only-filled home to another, I can totally relate :)

    Meg :)

  4. This post made me laugh. I think all of us in testosterone-laden land of having only sons can completely identify :)