Thursday, October 29, 2009


Davis got his Jeep a little bit muddy and...

He couldn't have been more proud!

I learned early in my Momhood that boys rarely play with their toys the way in which they were designed. When my boys were small, I would often find toys broken...split open...because a boy had been more curious about what was on the inside than what his toy looked like on the outside.

Later on, I learned that boys don't jump on trampolines...they wrestle on them. I am learning that boys don't like clean Jeeps...they like them muddy.


  1. The irony is...when he first got the Jeep he spent 1/2 a Saturday detailing it and removing ant colonies from under the floor mats, etc. That Jeep had not been so clean since it was driven off the lot 11 years ago. Guess he was just staking his claim to then get it dirty???

  2. LOL! Oh, what great photos - I can so relate to so much of what you write! LOL!