Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Senior Football, Homecoming, & Zombies

The last of my three sons is a high school senior; a pregnant statement filled with a wide range of emotions.

First came...

The Senior Portrait.

And, my senior's eighteenth birthday.

Hillcrest Cottage is in a season packed to the rafters with football. The elation of winning and the frustration of an over-time defeat have been our experiences. We have cheered, we have lost our voices from screaming, we have high-fived the stranger sitting next to us, and we have made the long drive home from an out-of-town loss.

The Captains: Number Nine Belongs to Hillcrest Cottage

Nothing could be more fun than a high school homecoming parade. Grade schoolers scramble for candy tossed their way. Parents line the street with the cameras clicking rapidly. Homecoming maids, football players in cool convertibles driven by their coaches, the marching band, and the class joke-sters ride the floats as only joke-sters can!

It's the heart of Americana. Images and memories to be etched onto the lifetime hard drive.

Number Nine in a Suit

That Wave Was for Mom

Switching gears very quickly... my husband's newest book is releasing this week. It is a rather unique offering.

Explore the website to find out: 1. How to get a book. 2. To download 11 free zombie-inspired indie-songs. (Zombie fan or not, the music is very fun. I have been enjoying zombie tunes by musicians from Denver, NYC, Dallas, and, of course, Little Rock.) 3. How to bring a Zombie Killers Weekend to your city.

I can also guarantee that all proceeds from the sales of this book will be given to feed and clothe starving children in Arkansas (mine).

Back to the the Zombie Killers Release Party and book signing.

The Author Signs Books

And... what's a zombie party without the zombies?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

The Zombie Killers party was a great beginning to a crazy week in which Jeff spoke to 57 million listeners on "In the Marketplace with Janet Parshall". Scroll down to October 3, 2011/Part Two

I am currently reading "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook". Stay tuned for the review. (Can a wife do that?)

LASTLY.. I love this tutorial on how a talented make-up artist did the zombie make-up: Click Here

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  1. Such a handsome family!

    I love high school traditions in the fall!