Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day in the Life

Who: Me
Where: Hillcrest Cottage Art Studio
What I am Creating: Paper Billfold Wallets with My Original Art
What I am Drinking: Community Coffee - Dark Roast with Lotsa Cream
What's Playing: Cold Play "The Speed of Sound" from Pandora Radio
What I am Thinking: When the nice men in white come for me I will be here next to hundreds of paper wallets...laughing...and sewing

Wallets Parts in the Machine

The Desk, The Parts, The Coffee

Colorful Clips

Lotsa Wallets For Sale

The Finished Product


  1. Hello , thank you for the lovely comments U wrote in my blog , I had some problems with google ( taking out my little profile photo ...)and I couldn't even post comments....
    I like your blog :is fresh , colourful and with an happy atmosphere.

    ciaoooo have a nice day !

  2. WOW Bev - you are SO CREATIVE!!! I would never have thought to do something like that - and you did a fabulous job too!!! (and the nice men in white never even showed up)