Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Fever

When I last wrote about bicycles, it was with much regret. It's been two years since my last bike was stolen, and I've been haunting my favorite neighborhood junk store ever since...keeping my eyes open for another bike. On Sunday, I spotted this purple- beach- bike- beauty...spiky things still on the tires...hardly ridden...35 bucks.

Mac the Labradoodle has spring fever and begs to join me outside whenever she is allowed! We spent all day Saturday in the back yard, and I have two tick bites to show for it.

Underneath a canopy of Carolina Jasmine...

I have created a secret spot for quiet reflection.

Sadly, the wonderful chiminea evenings are winding down...maybe there will be one or two more before summer arrives.

The native violets were allowed to pop up by my front door. I think they are beautiful and remind me of my childhood. I used to pick violets for my mom. She would always display them on the kitchen sink window sill as proudly as any FTD floral bouquet.

My first rose open this week, and I took the time to stop and smell...an important life discipline because the roses don't last long. Just like the time I took last night to listen to Davis play all the new country songs he has learned on his guitar.

As he sang to me, he had the sweetest smile on his face...not a smile of performing for me, but a smile of pure enjoyment. He really loved what he was playing, and I decided that if he liked this genre of music, then I would ,too.

My mind's video camera was rolling and the camera clicked an entire roll of film (even my mind's camera is film, not digital) as I intentionally captured a priceless moment with my 16 year old son. It was a rose opening. With two sons already away at college, a moment like last night is a beautiful thing.

And, lastly, this was my first week to recycle...ever. (No judgment, please.) We have lived in Hillcrest Cottage for ten years with no recycling bin, and I had never made the effort to ask the city for a new one... until one of my teenage friends decided to hold me accountable.

Thanks Allen, I feel better now.


  1. great post, I love the pictures.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Love your Bunny statue! Here in Belgium we have to recycle everything, even having to pay for specific bags for plastic etc! You've done a great job starting. Catherine x

  3. Delightful spring reverie. And I must agree -- never waste a moment offered by a child; you never know what tomorrow holds.

    We haven't had municipal recycling service since Katrina -- our Sewerage and Water Czarina has proclaimed recycling to be too expensive for the city. Huh?!?! We citizens are, however, permitted to "save" our recyclables and haul them to a disposal site ONCE A QUARTER!!! Excuse me? How are we supposed to STORE that for a whole quarter?!?!

    I'm through with my rant now -- good for you!

  4. Kuddos to you on your bike find!
    You are invited! Check in with my blog, I am inviting those that I think have a special gift to share to a party! I hope to see you there! Invite your friends as well!
    $35.00? AND purple...a treasure! :)


  5. Way to go on scoring that cute bike! And Mac's nose just made me smile big time :) But the thought of tick bites made me shudder!

    But this: "I intentionally captured a priceless moment with my 16 year old son. It was a rose opening. With two sons already away at college, a moment like last night is a beautiful thing." Oh Bev... that nearly did me in - priceless indeed :)