Saturday, March 28, 2009

USMA West Point Mom and USMA Plebe Parent Weekend 2009

A friend, who happens to also be a West Point "Old Grad", recently informed me that the term used for those who have everything "West Point" is "Gray Hog". Well...sign my husband up for that club because he practically bought ,not one , but several entire bookstores when we were at West Point for Plebe Parent Weekend 2009!

Grey Hogs
I have to be honest...just call me "Gray Hog2". It is difficult to stop myself because the West Point items are reminders of the son/plebe we have living there. However, I do not have a "West Point Mom" t-shirt or hat. Husband and I made a rule for ourselves that we just wouldn't do the ole "parent" thing in hats, t-shirts, or bumper stickers. Apparently, we perceived ourselves to be "above" that the beginning...before the Gray Hog fever began.

Maybe...One Little Exception
The one exception to our "No Parent Paraphernalia" rule is my "Proud Parent of West Point Cadet" tote bag. A local bank had given the free tote bags to parents on A-Day Weekend, and I do admit to carrying this item with a great sense of pride. Love it when people ask about my Cadet at West Point.

We Have a 'Disease'
Frankly, we are extremely "gray" and very "hoggish"! On our latest weekend at West Point, as were in yet another gift store, I abruptly stopped Jeff from making a purchase by saying,"Do you really need a West Point Zippo?" To my surprise, he listened...whoa.

Reason why Gray Hog1 was right to listen to Gray Hog2 : as it turned out our West Point Class of 2012 Plebe had planned a gift for Dad.

"Here, Dad, this is your Plebe Parent Weekend favor," our son said handing Jeff a small package.

Your guess is correct...a West Point Zippo engraved with "Class of 2012"on the back.

Hmmmmm.... a bit of divine intervention in the Gray Hog1's spending spree.


  1. I am very relieved to hear that Gray Hog1 does not have a "West Point Mom" t-shirt or hat .... ;-)

  2. Oops...ambiguous writing mistake by author.I had to fix this comment no longer makes sense. Thanks for pointing out my lack of clarity!

  3. If you are a Gray Hog and do not have a WP t-shirt, cap, parka, pin and Class of 2012 t-shirt and I do, what does that make me? Do I really want you to answer that question??? We have more gold, gray and black in our home and wardrobe than I can ever remember!

  4. I, too, am extremely proud of my Class of 2012 cadet, and everyday I proudly carry my tote bag from USAA and wear my West Point lanyard to work. (I work for the Dept. of the Navy.) However, I am even more proud when I wear the T-shirt beautifully hand-painted by my daughter: the front says "Army Mom" and the back says "Navy Wife." One sleeve says "USMA '12" and the other says "USNA '82." Granted, I don't qualify as a Gray Hog, but I'm very happy to be black-and-blue!