Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

In the South, we like our snow just enough to have some days off, get our cheese dip and chili on, wear ski clothes, sled, take snow walks, and drink hot chocolate. We like our snow just enough  to make us smile, but not enough to experience power outages or car trouble or inconveniences of any sort. Our "inconveniences" are normally the "I-can't-make-it-to-work, but I-CAN-make-it-to-a- friend's-house" sort of kind. 

In other words, Southerners believe snow should be pretty but not a bother.

Mac the Labradoodle and Lucy the Beautiful but Goldendoodle-less love our annual snow romps at night when they can run the neighborhood streets without leashes and tumble in the drifts together.

Mac is wishing for more snow fun.

This past snow was a beautiful "night snow", and we loved it.

Hillcrest Cottage Night Snow

Gipsy the Teardrop is looking oh-so cold and lonely. We are dreaming of more fun times pulling her behind the Expedition on our next outdoor adventure. 

Right now, however, camping outside seems like a long time away.

Hang in there, Gipsy
So... pretty much done with the snow, as the rest of the country can heartily agree.

"Come quickly, Spring. I think we are now very ready for you."