Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Reasons Why I Love Hillcrest

The Neighborhood 'Crazy'
I live in an incredible mid-town neighborhood that is very pedestrian-friendly. I could walk to everything I ever need in life. If my boys didn't attend a private school, which is a 20 minute drive away, I would park my car and never get in it again. I tell my boys that one day I will be the neighborhood 'crazy' who wears funny hats and drives her three-wheeled 'bike' to the grocery store.
Shortly after my youngest had celebrated his tenth birthday, with his pockets full of birthday cash, we spotted a shiny adult trike parked near a store. This trike had been tempting me for a while. It was wrapped with wicker and was oh-so European looking (also oh-so expensive....$800).
"How much is that bike?" my very 'rich', generous son asked. I promise he was determined to buy that trike for me (awwww moment).
Back to my neighborhood...
Here are 25 Random Reasons Why I Love My Hillcrest Neighborhood:
  1. We have a tiny hamburger 'joint' that's been around since the 40's, and they make the best chocolate malts.
  2. Our neighborhood is casual and flip flops are welcome everywhere.
  3. The people are very eclectic and diverse...lots of artists and creative types.
  4. We have two world-class pizza places within walking distance.
  5. Shady oak trees.
  6. Front porches with guitar players on them.
  7. Saturday home renovation sounds of hammers and saws.
  8. Fresh ground coffee from our local coffee, tea & candy company.
  9. The Arkansas Razorbacks play at a stadium also within walking distance. On fall game days, lots of festive tail-gating in front yards.
  10. Sidewalks that get used a lot.
  11. Sunday afternoons we have a very fun 'junk' shop that displays its new inventory on its front lawn. It's fun to get there first for the best bargains.
  12. Summer walks to the shave ice stand.
  13. The public library is very close.
  14. I have a favorite park which makes me think I am miles away from the city.
  15. We have doggie fountain.
  16. Art Galleries featuring neighborhood artists.
  17. Our bank gives out free food on Fridays.
  18. The first Thursday of the month, Hillcrest opens all its shops, has street bands in mild weather and everyone rolls out.
  19. The nearby middle school has a track for all those New Year's resolutions I make.
  20. Church bells chime after weddings.
  21. Greek, Mexican, American, Brazilian, French, and Italian food within blocks of each other.
  22. Used to have a cool coffee house, but now it's 'for sale'. Somebody please buy it!
  23. Seeing fresh life breathed into an old house.
  24. We have bumper stickers that make me laugh.
  25. We are not the McMansion neighborhood.
What Makes Your Neighborhood Special?


  1. this makes my mouth water to live in hillcrest! i woulda loved being your neighbor bev! not my will but God's will be done.

  2. Sounds like a most fabulous place to live! I just figured out that you're in LR (right?) I have relatives in Pine Bluff that we will be coming to see this summer - I may just have to stop by and share some time with a chocolate malt. Wanna join me? :)