Monday, October 25, 2010

Estate Sale Booty

This weekend my neighborhood was full of estate sales! That's a good thing... Martha.

I was driving home from teacher conferences on Friday and was suddenly caught up following a maze of "estate sale" signs. Before I knew it, the whole afternoon was practically over... oops.

My favorite house on the Estate Sale Tour was this fairy tale cottage. Getting the opportunity to see inside the estate sale houses is half the fun.

I love the 1920's architecture on the entryway and path leading to the door. I'm probably going to draw it sometime soon.

Here's a sweet, little suitcase I got for $1.00.

It's a fixer-upper, but I see its potential.

Three dollars for these vintage 1940/50's era hunt scene curtains. The colors are incredible!

1950's bridge club tablecloth: $3.00

These jeans were $2.00 and became...

this denim backpack.

For sale: $20.00

Beautiful red linen fabric: $1.00

Vintage 1970's seersucker bedspread in fun, fall colors: $2.00

Front porch fall makeover.

Estate Sale Booty Total Cost: $12.00


  1. Treasure! I love estate sales. They don't have many down here.

    Love the porch makeover!

  2. Oh wow Bev! I love that house too! The British bridge tablecloth is adorable! You got some great things! Love your backpack too! And your porch makeover is LOVELY! I need you to come here and do mine... I can't seem to get up the energy! :/