Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jesus Knocked on My Door

The older I get, the fewer older people there are in my life. (This thought is not nanotech)
Seems like there was a good part of life spent trying to break free of my elders' rule upon me...a natural desire for independence. But when the point came where the older ones have become fewer and fewer, there has also arrived, a sudden desire to hang onto inviting any input and wisdom from someone...anyone...older and wiser than me.

I find myself thinking, Surely, I can't be the one person in my life who can advise me on this.

Scary being the smartest lab partner in chemistry class...not good.

And it's so much more than missing the $5 checks on my birthday from all my great aunts who are no more.

(I love the auntly system of gift giving! Every niece/nephew was allotted a portion for Birthdays and Xmas, the next generation received the first amount divided by however many siblings there were, and, as in my case, my children received my portion divided by 3. There was never any cost-of-living increase. The amount was fixed straight until the great aunts 'passings'.)

No more $5 checks.

Saturday morning Jesus knocked on my door...well, He actually rang the doorbell.

He came in the body of an 85 year old saint who believes God with great faith and works diligently in prayer. The Holy Spirit brought our family to her mind, and she is so tuned into God that when people come to mind, she prays. After she prays, she will usually drop an encouraging note in the mail. But, on this day, she felt like the mail was entirely too slow, so she stopped by to drop the note through Hillcrest Cottage's postal slot.

I'm glad I was home.

In she came, like a fireball from heaven. After we had briefly visited in Hillcrest Cottage's front hallway, she grabbed both of my hands and prayed a prayer that will take me through many a discouraging day.

I know God was listening.

I was listening...taking in every word she spoke as if Jesus Himself were speaking to me. Because I, sadly, don't have very many older people in my life anymore and when an 85 year old saint knocks on my door on a random Saturday morning to deliver encouraging words from heaven...

I listen.

She encouraged me to not grow weary in doing good. Oh...I needed to hear those words on this random Saturday morning in January.

Galatians: 6:9:

"And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary."

On an entirely different note...just wanted to share this pic I just received from July 09. Remember, "I am Film." This has been in my camera for the past 6 months. I love it because I rarely get to see the face of my Stuart...usually covered by hair...and I wanted to share how awesome they both are! Stuart is looking more and more like his dad...the summer of '79 when we met on the beach...very weird.


  1. Wow. I so want to be like your friend when I'm 85. Just doing what God tells me to do. Thanks for sharing that story.

    Your boys are beautiful (but don't tell them I said so).

  2. Weary.

    Isn't that interesting....and random...I don't believe in coincidences.

    Haven't been online in over 24 hours...went to church this morning...Del's message was on on THREE WORDS...


    It moved me deeply....already forming a blog post of my own...beacuse he spoke straight from MY heart..

    ..and I find you here...sharing a a message about "Weary"...followed by a vivid example of "refresh" and "encourage"...

    Amazing how God works....

  3. I miss the auntly gift-giving, too, and their laughter.

    Maybe I should leave the gate at Moogie's Mansion unlocked from time-to-time -- maybe your 85-year old will find her way to New Orleans. I'd like to visit with her.

    Handsome boys!

    (veriword -- I promise: antiness! It should be "auntiness!)

  4. That was about the cutest and most inspiring story I've heard in a long time. Just the title alone! What an awesome woman! Actually, I should say what awesome women - BOTH of you! Because you listened :)

    Adorable pic too!