Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tynkie's Attic

My grandmother Tynkie had a grandmother's attic, a time capsule filled with oddities (to my 1970's mind) from times far away. I would spend hours up there rummaging through her cast-away treasures. When I was in Tynkie's attic, I was always transported to days long forgotten.

Sometimes, when I have trouble falling asleep, I will climb up those rickety, folding attic stairs and revisit each nook, cranny, pile, and trunk. A couple of light bulbs suspended by wires and a beam of sunlight from the only window illuminate the dancing dust particles stirred by my adventure.

Under the window was a bookshelf filled with a large book collection, books acquired from a monthly book club of which my Tynkie had repented, as the hardbacks had begun to arrive faster than she could read them. Among the cookie-cutter book club edition books, however, was this one which my husband spied at the garage sale we had upon my grandmother's death.

The Book My Husband Saved from the Garage Sale
To Tynkie's Husband...My Grandfather

And there was the platinum and diamond watch found in a shoebox filled with cheap, costume jewelry.

When I found my mother's 78 record collection from her high school and college days, they were carefully removed to my own high school room. The big band 1940's era records schooled me on Glen Miller's "Little Brown Jug" and Johnny Mercer's happy-go-lucky tunes with a touch of Doris Day's "Tea for Two" added to the party.

Time will not allow me to discuss the 1930 Philco radio that became a standard feature in my high school room. And there was the antique train set which my Tynkie later gave to the yard man's son (insert un-smiley face here). And, as I grew older and bold enough to explore deeper into the other attic side, I opened up my Great- Aunt "Sister's" trunk of photographs.

Sister's trunk introduced me to this guy.
I Nicknamed Him "Moose" & He Became My College "Boyfriend" for Several Years

You can imagine my extreme delight when, on our recent trip to El Paso, my awesome son took us to this antique-er's paradise. The sight of this place took me back to the old-time antique stores of my childhood. 

Let the Angelic Host Choir Begin

After having had my breath taken away and my heart rate increase, I had a fun time with my camera.

I finally made it through this door...

... into a two-story warehouse packed from floor to ceiling with pure junky fun. And, next, my sweet son told me that his birthday present to me was that I could buy something. So sweet.

So, now you know the "rest of the story" regarding my passion for all things vintage.

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