Monday, January 3, 2011

Arkansas' All Academies Banquet 2010

A traditional holiday event is the All Academies Banquet. This event is very festive, and all of Arkansas' cadets and midshipmen are invited. In reality, it is an opportunity for the parents and guests to view their sons in full dress uniforms (daughters, too, however most of the young women choose to wear their civilian attire). There are formal introductions, and unique military traditions which includes toasts and a POW/MIA memory table. The banquet brings a bit of 'military' home and allows the families a glimpse into their children's military life.

Our All Academies Banquet was held at Little Rock's very beautiful and historic Capital Hotel (President Grant slept here in 1877, legend saying that Grant had been allowed to take his horse upstairs to his hotel room). The banquet food was first class and included a very unique dessert of vanilla and bacon ice cream. Every one at our table ate the ice cream with much skepticism but declared it delicious in the end.

The Capital Hotel's Tree:

We look like this very seldom:

Lastly, Me with My Awesome West Point Cadet:

It is very difficult to believe that this was our third All Academies Banquet. Although, our cadet would offer a slightly different perspective, his time at West Point is passing swiftly.


  1. You are just beautiful! Look at you! Your husband and your son clean up pretty good too!

    How proud you must be of your son. I'm sad, though, that the female cadets don't wear their uniforms. You would think they would want to show off like the men.

    Lovely post, Mom. :)

  2. You look so beautiful! And proud! What a great event that must have been.

  3. Beautiful ... handsome ... dashing ... are all of you Kinleys! Moments like those are what life is all about ... enjoy them ... and thanks for sharing tbe bits & pieces of your life with us!


  4. Gosh Bev, what a festive event - how wonderful for all the parents and kids! And my goodness, you look absolutely *STUNNING*... both with your handsome husband, and handsome son - you must be so proud, and rightly so. Congratulations my friend :)

  5. Gosh, you must
    be proud! And
    what a night; the
    tree was gorgeous
    and I bet you all
    had a wonderful
    time. Thank you
    for your encouraging
    words. I'm still
    down but not as "out"
    as I was earlier
    in the week. I'm
    popping over now
    to have a look at
    you etsy shop. Hope
    you are having a
    wonderful day!
    xx Suzanne