Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On A Day Like Today

On a day like today I can't imagine having more than 3 children, husband, Mac the Labradoodle, and a blind cocker spaniel who follows irritatingly behind every step I take.

This morning I added 'travel agent' to my long and continually growing job description. The entire morning had been spent making several plane and bus travel arrangements for my West Point cadet's summer schedule.

Turns out his new debit card was declined, so that added a few steps to the process including wondering why it had been declined and juggling money from one bank account to another.

We just got unlimited texting so my usually short-and-to-the-point boys have all become quite chatty...I love it...usually. But, on a day like today when I haven't washed my hair in 3 days...not so much.

"Mom..." texted son who was at a final exam study session at school ,which is 20 minutes away, "Can you come to pick me up now?'

I knew that if I hurried, I would be able to squeeze in a hair washing before having to rush out the door to pick up studying son.

Slightly detouring, I stopped by the bank...where everyone knows my name...not because I have a lot of money, just because they are resolve the debit card issue.
Turns out West Point guy had forgotten to activate his new card.

"I'm pretty sure it is working now, but we can't have our West Point boy traveling without his debit card. Have him buy a candy bar or something to see if that new card is working right."

"Mom," calls my son from after graduation practice, "if I buy lunch at Wendy's, will you pay me back?"

"Bev, what is your social security number?" calls husband.

So, I get to the school and retrieve final exam study boy plus neighbor girl. I'm wondering how many days it has been since I have eaten lunch before 3:00.

"Mom," says West Point guy, "I need to know my PIN number."

"I'll call you with the number when I get home."

"Mom," an urgent-sounding graduation practice son begins,"I just pulled onto a road that is bumper- to- bumper traffic, and I am almost out of gas. I'm exiting now, come quickly with a gas can!"

I think I will refer this call to Dad who, hopefully by now, will have finished with his appointment and might be driving in graduation practice boy's vicinity. "I'll handle it," husband assures me.

I'm dialing West Point guy to give him the PIN when I am interrupted by "Is 6:45 good for dinner ," the person with whom we are to meet tonight calls to ask.

"Mom," says West Point guy, "I bought a stamp, and the card worked fine." (A stamp? My cheapskate son bought a stamp with his debit card...not a candy bar...a stamp.)

On a day like today...


  1. LOL Sounds familiar . . . even from out of town they can be so high maintenance!

  2. and I was worried about being less needed when my boys get older... haha
    I'm tired just reading this! Hope you get some rest. You may have to just run away for a while.

  3. I just wanted to tell you how much I like your blog. It makes me laugh and sometimes cry. I have little kids and I wonder often how different my life will be when they are older. I really appreciate your honesty and sense of humor.

  4. oh can i relate to this one! hope everything has calmed dowwn for you..:))

  5. LOL! Oh girl, I can so relate! You did good with your crazy, nutsy day though - way to go! I hope by now you have had the chance to at least sit down and savor the scent of some flowers on your porch :)

    It's been a while since I've stopped by - I have missed you! (and I *love* your pics!) - so I wanted to:

    1) thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, and....
    2) tell you how much I love *your* blog! I will be making more comments as I backtrack what I've missed out on, so stay tuned....... :)

    Meg :)

  6. Oh, man, does this ever resonate! Just when they turn a grown-up corner and you think they'll do more for themselves -- and they actually do! (sometimes) -- they fall in love and then you have an extra sweet soul to love, worry about and fuss over. And then come grandchildren.

    Don't plan on washing your hair regularly for quite a few years!

    You compose beautifully -- so expressive! And I love all your photos. Feel free to check out my blog, but be aware that I more-often-than-not default to politics.

    One question: does the inability to remember one's wife's social security number run on the Y chromosome? It must.

    Your cuz, Terry

  7. What a fun, relatable post! I love hearing about life with kids who can go potty by themselves... it gives me hope! ;) Have a great weekend!