Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mrs. Beasley

Mrs. Beasley and Buffy

My attic de-cluttering project is getting very personal.

Consider Mrs. Beasley from the 60's TV show "Family Affair": Stored in an attic footlocker since 1969, she has a slight "bed head" but is in great condition otherwise... except...
she no longer talks.

Which is a good thing... because if she could talk, she would reveal that in 1967 I truly was Buffy. I had the pig tails and all the Buffy clothes with matching bows. I would faithfully watch the weekly Family Affair episodes with anticipation to see if Buffy's outfit was in my closet. Many weeks we did have the same clothes.

The clothes and bows are long gone, and all that I have remaining is Mrs. Beasley. But, soon, she, too will pass on to some collector's home where she can be loved and appreciated more than being stored in my hot, dark (and less-cluttered!) attic.

All proceeds from her Ebay sale will go towards the "New Bicycle" fund.

Mrs. Beasley (1967 to 2011)


  1. I think you should save Mrs. Beasley for your future granddaughter. You know that's coming up sooner than you think, right? :)

  2. Nancy.... I can't go there yet. When my third son was born, all my Barbie dolls' head fell off. I had saved EVERYTHING for my "daughter".

    I will keep a few things, and I am thinking a lot about what that will be...
    but... for now...
    I want a new bike!

  3. She is in excellent condition! I'm so very proud of your entrepreneurial spirit!

  4. Mrs. Beasley always freaked me out, but I sure do remember "Family Affair"! I think you should let her go and keep your sights on a bike! :D