Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Tradition

The years roll by; I discover I enjoy doing the same things each holiday. That's what I would call a 'tradition'. At times I have thought no one pays attention or cares.... until a traditions changes. Then... my guys speak up, and I understand the importance of continuity. The traditions we create become a part of the family fabric.

During Christmas time, I make two treats: homemade fudge and gingerbread men. I make homemade fudge because I love it, and fudge reminds me of my own childhood. I make gingerbread for a very different reason.

When Davis was in kindergarten, the teacher asked each child to tell their favorite Christmas tradition. Davis replied, " My favorite tradition is when my mom bakes gingerbread."

"Whaaaa?" was my response, "I have never before baked gingerbread!" Of course, I immediately found a recipe and chained myself in the kitchen.

And have every year since.

The baking of the gingerbread is the beginning of my Christmas. We have yet to put up a tree or anything else Christmas-y. I can only ho-ho-ho for 2 weeks.

Oops... I just looked at the calendar. So, some years I'm a little bit slow-er.

And... it is true... molasses is also slow.

I had planned on stepping up the artistic quality of my men this year, but it didn't happen.They still look like an army of Mr. Bills (SNL 70's icon).

Quality control is my job.

So here's the product of two hard days of back-breaking work.

The packaging alone took a full day. But, I felt very accomplished when I had made it to the post office this afternoon.



  1. Bev, I loved the story behind starting your gingerbread men tradition! And all your cookies turned out ADORABLE! But your "Mr. Bill" men are probably the CUTEST gingerbread men I've ever seen! Love 'em! :D

  2. Aren't kids the greatest? I'm laughing at the fact your boys' best holiday tradition apparently was from someone's else house! I bet that story gets told every year. Love it.

    Also love your Mr. Bill cookies. No Mr. Hand cookies? Or of his evil nemesis, Sluggo?

    Too cute. Thanks for the early morning smiles.

  3. And accomplished you should feel! What beauties -- I can almost smell them! And what lucky boys.

    One of our traditions is "Baking Day" -- a day when friends gather in one of their kitchens to bake and giggle and toast the season. Then we divvy up the products! There are a few "must do" recipes, but sometimes we try a new one. Of course, now one of the group lives in Chicago, one lives in New Orleans, one lives in Hong Kong, and one lives in Heaven, so it's a little harder to get together. But, some of us will try after Christmas when we're all in LR -- except the one who lives in Heaven (but we'll feel her looking on and we'll hear her suggestions).

    Mr. Bill lookalikes. Heh.

    Merry Christmas!