Friday, August 21, 2009

Too Much Fun for the First Night of College

We took Stuart to college on Tuesday. When we left him, his room was filled with so much love, friendship, familiarity, and laughter that I couldn't be sad. Later Tuesday night, he sent us this pic from his I-Phone.

Going to college is supposed to be lonely and scary at first. The college freshman is supposed to sit on his quiet bunk missing all the thing he left behind.

For my middle son who chose Prom Not to Be, God was so faithful to go before him and make his way to college very smooth. I'm not saying there won't be plenty of adjustments ahead, I'm just rejoicing in what's happening now.

The food report so far is: Great!
My first son said the same thing... could be a commentary on Mom's cooking.

The people report so far: Everyone is so friendly here!
He ate dinner with the javelin thrower for the track team and said he was cool.

Oh...and...he texted last night...

(BTW, "texting' was invented specifically for me and Stuart. Since we finally got unlimited texting, we have the best conversations, and I get "I love you" a lot!) tell me that he would be eating his words regarding a piece of furniture I had unsuccessfully tried to sell him on putting in his dorm room.

My reply was, "Stuart, you have been at college less than a week, and you have learned so much already!"

One small victory for Mom... but he has still not requested the medical mask...oh, well.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Week of Change

My West Point Cadet's 24 day leave was over, and he flew back to New York not to return home until Christmas. When his plane landed, we received this text:

Arrived safely in New York stop. On my way back to prison stop.

Jeff replied to him:

Enjoy your transition to the number one prison in the free world. Let us know when you get back to the Grey Rock.

It was a great time of family togetherness. Most days were spent trying to grab ten minutes here and there with my very active son. It was good to have his smelly socks and to hear his laugh.

Jeff and Davis took Pepper the Blind Cocker Spaniel on her final drive to the vet. I'm still thinking she will walk out onto the porch this beautiful summer morning, or I think she must be quietly napping under my chair right now.

Pepper, you were the sweetest, most loyal and faithful dog I have ever had. I have happy memories of your younger bird chasing days and your bouncy trot.

This has been the summer of driving lessons as I have been the "appointed one" to instruct our 15 year old in driving the Expedition plus the standard shift Jeep...which he is plotting to take over soon. On Monday, I was stressed and cussed out loud when we had a near collision. But, on Tuesday we experienced victory when he PASSSED his road test!!!!

I turned 50...enough said.

Five more days, five more nights and Stuart leaves for college. It's overwhelmingly sad for me.This day was filled with final shopping for him. A coffeepot and shampoo, and I'm done.

Stuart said while surveying my very neat, organized piles, "Mom, no," and began pulling items out of my piles. "You have done it again. Too much stuff. I wouldn't use this many logenzes in four years!"

"They were deeply discounted," I replied sheepishly.

Maybe I should not have put the medical mask (in case of swine flu outbreak) in there.

"I'm a detail-person, Stuart...and the thought of you being hungry in your dorm room without snacks makes me sad."

"Save a lot of this stuff at home for me. I may use it next semester," he sweetly conceded as he continued to pull out more carefully purchased items.

But his pile was growing....

So, it's the end of a crazy week at Hillcrest Cottage. My outlook is hopeful, and I am wondering what cool things life will offer in the road up ahead.

And...there's still Saturday to come.