Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Untold August Tale

One day soon, I might be able to write this story...

until then, I can only say,

"This guy is my hero."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Random August Snapshots

Today it was 109 degrees, according to the Expedition's thermometer. For some crazy reason, our family decided to climb our local treasure: Pinnacle Mountain.

Climbing Pinnacle is a yearly family tradition. We like to do it in the summer on the hottest day we can experience. Ha... not really about the "hottest" part, but it has actually turned out that way several times. Once we had friends visiting from England, and we almost killed them... they had never experienced such brutal temps!

As each Kinley boy would turn 5, he could join the fun. My dad used to hike up the mountain in the 40's. I have many, many Pinnacle memories of my own from grade school to the present. There are stories of locals who hike up the mountain as many times in a row as they are old (50 times on the 50th birthday, etc.). Once or twice a year is enough for me!

I can only remember one other time in my life when it has been as hot as this week is predicted to be. Tomorrow will be 106, Wednesday 104 and Thursday 102. The heat is bad... and so are the Kinleys... for making it to the top!

A strange visitor on Hillcrest Cottage's porch.

The funniest napping position... ever.

Why do I feel the need to justify getting some new walking shoes?

The new ones!!! And with them comes a commitment to begin training for the Little Rock Marathon (March 2011). Training begins in September... I'm walking, not running.

Stuart is bonding with Lucy before heading back to college on Friday.