Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello... Good-Bye

The best days begin like this:

Coffee and think- time on the porch.

Being a huge fan of gardens and secret places, I love this door. Follow me through the hedges...

To my favorite warm- weather morning spot.

A hidden place where I drink coffee and listen to the birds and contemplate my day.

Especially incredible in May when the breeze is still cool and the hydrangeas are in full bloom.

I love these big showy bushes... my favorite of all flowers!

Good-bye to you, May, with your sweet cool temperatures, last chiminea nights before summer, happy-sad endings, transitions, and graduations.

Hello to you, June, when the mercury rises and stings along with the sunburns and bug bites, but I welcome the easing of schedules and sleeping a bit later and watching my high school senior enjoying lake trips, fishing, morning football work-outs, and earning money at his part-time job... making some of life's sweetest memories.

I look forward to two short cadet visits and the return of middle son after summer school ends. Maybe a vacation will appear magically in the midst of all these plans. If not, I will continue to be renewed by coffee, birds, and my secret garden.