Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Blue Door in Gloucester

All-Time Favorite Image from My Travels... just sharing the magic.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Day at the Lake

Can you imagine anything better than drinking coffee... on a shady dock... by a beautiful lake... in the summer?

Imagine this.

How about a cool breeze before the mercury rises for the day? The peaceful quiet before the tubers begin to cruise by the dock? The gentle rippling of the water against the shore?

Let me ask this question: Would you rather have a lakeside McMansion with all the bells and whistles? With brand-new everything and bedrooms for every guest?

Like this beauty?

Or a 1950's-era cabin filled with quilts... and pine paneling... and old board games... and beds everywhere... and floors begging to be re-finished?

Like this.

I just returned from an overnight outing where traditions like writing on the chalkboard are never altered. And laughter, old stories, a competitive game of Yahtzee, and the love of friends close- to- me- since- the -eighth- grade decorated the cabin with a lavishness that made the McMansion across the lake fade in comparison.

Enough said.

Here's to very special friends!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning Glory Love

I use Morning Glories a lot in my artwork. Pink and green is my favorite color combination.

I enjoy the heart-shaped leaves.

These Morning Glories have popped up on Hillcrest Cottage's fence.

I'm a lazy gardener, so Nature is my landscape designer. Every year I anticipate how the garden will develop, and every year is different.

Happy Summer Day!

P.S. I have not forgotten to give my "special announcement"... just waiting on the pictures to arrive.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Wherever I am planted I hope that I will always find a way to bloom. This flower teaches me that great lesson:

Dear Flower: You were beautiful. Sorry I ran over you when rolling the trash can to the curb.

It has been a slow week at Hillcrest Cottage. We are waiting for the two college boys to roll in, we will soon make a very special announcement, and there will be lots of delayed 4th -of -July- type celebrations. Homemade ice cream, Hillcrest Cottage's famous "watermelon" sugar cookies, and lots of carnivorous grilling will be on the agenda.

Mac the Labradoodle is on high alert at her top-of-the-front-stairs post, anticipating the guys arrival.

Beautiful Lucy the Goldendoodle-less celebrates being One Year Old!

And... I continue to de-clutter and prepare for Hillcrest Cottage's Art and Very Cool Stuff Sale.

MUH-OH is HO-HUM backwards... Framed 1920's Sheet Music For Sale $25.00