Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Shoe Tragedy

A shoe tragedy occurred before school this morning. The "star" was my 14 year old Davis who is a passionate person. Since he fell in love with soccer last spring, he is also passionate about his shoes - Nike Vapors. He worked odd jobs for a month in order to buy them last fall. He claims they are the key to his game. He has been so faithful to take care of them, meticulously wiping them after each use. He talks about them, gazes at them with extreme fondness, and wears the soccer pack that came with them everywhere. He's a walking ad for Vapors. He makes them look so cool...even I might want a pair.
Last night was an extremely wet and muddy competition. My passionate Davis was, naturally, the muddiest of all the teammates. His formerly white jersey was black after performing moves that looked like he was playing on a "Slip 'n Slide". After the game, in an effort to once again be a good steward of these "magical" shoes, he cleaned off the mud and, then, set them by the heat's floor vent in order that they might dry and not become mildewed.
Enter tragedy. This morning, he found that the heat had melted the shoe's heals and insoles. They were totally ruined. And he left for school heartbroken and in tears. The last big game is two days away. Two of the star players will not be there. Davis was hoping to step in and save the team...but,now, he is Vapor-less.

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