Thursday, April 29, 2010

By the River with Mac

"Hey lazy!"


"River Trail time!!!"

"Hurry up! Walk Faster!"

Over the bridge.

Still havin' fun, but working up a sweat.

Down to the shore.

Sniffing shoreline trash.

The Arkansas River.


  1. Blissfully idyllic. Mac looked like she was having fun, too!

  2. Aw, I adore Mac posts! Does she like to go in swimming? Or is she mostly an explorer :D

  3. Actually, that bridge you are seeing goes over a creek which connects to the river. She could probably swim there...but...sadly has never been swimming (shhhhhh....don't tell her much she would adore it!)

    The main part of the Arkansas River, however, is very wide and swift. It would carry her to New Orleans.

    If she ever gets to swim in a lake (I should plan on that this summer)'ll be the first to know.