Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Item from Hillcrest Cottage

Autumn is a great time for Estate Sales in my Hillcrest neighborhood. The element of surprise is always half the fun. I'll never forget a sale that I happened upon where the family was selling their grandfather's Vaudeville magic act stuff. Some spooky puppets and even a real mummy were included. I had a laugh when I was alone in a back room with a fellow shopper.

"Wow," I commented to the gentleman, "these dummies look like they could sit-up and talk." The man exited quickly upon pondering my creepy thought.

I am so pumped about my recent estate sale vintage fabric finds, that I must share what's new at Hillcrest Cottage (even before it makes it to the Etsy site!). This knapsack is sewn out of vintage wool fabric and the pocket is re-cycled denim.

I love to use a knapsack when I am walking or when riding my bike. They are perfect for IPhone, doggie poop bags, water, wallet, and car keys!

I love the autumn colors!

Denim goes well with most everything, but this picks up the denim-colored part of the plaid pattern.

Front side wool fabric.

Back side wool fabric.

Hillcrest Cottage will be selling these knapsacks through my Etsy site, by contacting me personally (Facebook or Hillcrest Cottage Life blog), or...

The Green Corner Store on South Main Street. I have always wanted to be on Main Street so this new partnership makes me happy!

Size: 14" X 14"

Retails for: $20.00


  1. Do you have any "little people" sizes? 3 year old girl, 4 1/2 year old boy?