Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Item from Hillcrest Cottage

Autumn is a great time for Estate Sales in my Hillcrest neighborhood. The element of surprise is always half the fun. I'll never forget a sale that I happened upon where the family was selling their grandfather's Vaudeville magic act stuff. Some spooky puppets and even a real mummy were included. I had a laugh when I was alone in a back room with a fellow shopper.

"Wow," I commented to the gentleman, "these dummies look like they could sit-up and talk." The man exited quickly upon pondering my creepy thought.

I am so pumped about my recent estate sale vintage fabric finds, that I must share what's new at Hillcrest Cottage (even before it makes it to the Etsy site!). This knapsack is sewn out of vintage wool fabric and the pocket is re-cycled denim.

I love to use a knapsack when I am walking or when riding my bike. They are perfect for IPhone, doggie poop bags, water, wallet, and car keys!

I love the autumn colors!

Denim goes well with most everything, but this picks up the denim-colored part of the plaid pattern.

Front side wool fabric.

Back side wool fabric.

Hillcrest Cottage will be selling these knapsacks through my Etsy site, by contacting me personally (Facebook or Hillcrest Cottage Life blog), or...

The Green Corner Store on South Main Street. I have always wanted to be on Main Street so this new partnership makes me happy!

Size: 14" X 14"

Retails for: $20.00

Monday, October 25, 2010

Estate Sale Booty

This weekend my neighborhood was full of estate sales! That's a good thing... Martha.

I was driving home from teacher conferences on Friday and was suddenly caught up following a maze of "estate sale" signs. Before I knew it, the whole afternoon was practically over... oops.

My favorite house on the Estate Sale Tour was this fairy tale cottage. Getting the opportunity to see inside the estate sale houses is half the fun.

I love the 1920's architecture on the entryway and path leading to the door. I'm probably going to draw it sometime soon.

Here's a sweet, little suitcase I got for $1.00.

It's a fixer-upper, but I see its potential.

Three dollars for these vintage 1940/50's era hunt scene curtains. The colors are incredible!

1950's bridge club tablecloth: $3.00

These jeans were $2.00 and became...

this denim backpack.

For sale: $20.00

Beautiful red linen fabric: $1.00

Vintage 1970's seersucker bedspread in fun, fall colors: $2.00

Front porch fall makeover.

Estate Sale Booty Total Cost: $12.00

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hillcrest Cottage Random Friday

Nothing like a morning which starts at 5:30 a.m. cutting and gluing for the 17 year old's procrastinated history project. Collarbone was hurting him, so we pitched in to get it all done. Late to school, but out the door with "1932- 1936 /The Golden Age of G-Men/The Great Depression" tri-fold poster in hand.


After all the early morning wildness, Lucy votes for a mid-morning nap!

This just in, an emergency text message from West Point: Pray for my Arabic presentation!

Fire up the chiminea... it will be cool tonight. College boy coming home for the weekend, and we are planning fireside conversation! Happiness. Quickly clean his room.

Heading to the art studio. Things hatching in my mind need to be birthed.

Buzz by my neighborhood print shop with latest art creation. Squeeze in a power walk.

Pray that the Warrior football team doesn't sustain major injuries while facing the future state champs and football players 50 to 100 pounds heavier tonight at the away game.

My Hillcrest Cottage Friday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inaugural Crazy-Lady Ride

I have three bicycles: A vintage 1972 black Raleigh English touring bike received the Christmas of my thirteenth year complete with fenders and a ding dong bell; a purple beach cruiser snatched up last spring from my neighborhood junk store; and my recent 21-speed legit Schwinn that will allow me to actually ride some real miles as soon as I find a new and more comfortable seat.

After the recent Schwinn purchase, I had contemplated selling the purple cruiser.

I couldn't.

The Cruiser is too near being the 3-wheeled cycle with a huge rear basket which has long lived in my fantasy life. I still dream of being the crazy- lady who rides her bike daily to the grocery store.

Yesterday, I strapped the best bike basket I have onto the basket spot of the Cruiser, preparing for the inaugural crazy- lady ride into my neighborhood's retail district, which we call "downtown Hillcrest" (because my neighborhood is like a small town surrounded by city).

There are not words to describe the joy I experienced. I mailed a package at the Post Office and deposited money at the bank. I felt a bit odd, but no one paid any attention to me at all. No one thought I was crazy.

I rode home feeling greener than Kermit the Frog, all the while a dream was hatching in my head.

I dream of a neighborhood where riding to the post office, grocery store, local coffee house and bank are not the exception, but the norm. I dream of becoming the most cycle friendly neighborhood around. Somehow I would like to champion this cause, but, until then, I want to make this biking thing a regular part of my life.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Change is Good

I still live in the town where I was born... in a neighborhood that hasn't seen much change since my dad's high school days (1938-42). All my furniture came from my grandmother, and I am the family archives' official curator. There is a great amount of stability in keeping life the same. When I sit on a chair, open a drawer, or eat from my silver spoon, I feel the continuity of my lineage.

I try not to be boring. I re-arrange my furniture with great regularity. Moving things around makes me think I am getting something new. I have had fun pulling dressers out of bedrooms and plopping them unexpectedly in the middle of the house. My grandmother would think this placement would not be proper... it makes me feel like the rebel I am not.

I am known for painting everything. I paint the walls, the floors, the kitchen countertops, and the furniture. A while back, I painted a Victorian couch... defiantly under Grandmother Worthington's nose and all-seeing eyes, her crackled painted mouth smirked unapprovingly. I can report the universe didn't explode and, now, I actually enjoy the piece.

Do you think I look like Grandmother Worthington... minus the cracked mouth?

Still... I have always had trouble turning life's page into autumn. Fall is a season which comes just before "death". This time of the year makes me very reflective. Spring is a celebration of newness, but autumn is a final burst of harvest and color before colorless winter calls us to the quiet withdrawal and the darkness of shortening days. I've done this season-thing for 50 plus years now, so I know what is ahead... change.

Guess what? The leaves are going to fall, whether I like it or not. Change is coming. Will I embrace it and change myself to meet its challenges... or will I wear flip flops in winter and look like a fool? I do have a choice.

My 5 month old puppy is getting big!


Yesterday I decided to embrace autumn by walking down my favorite neighborhood path.

Change of Season.

Then, I stopped to enjoy the tranquil sounds of birds and think a bit about how I can embrace change, not deny it.

Change of Attitude.

There are changes everywhere. Season. Season of life. Our country. The world. I know I am not the only one feeling it.

I have to confess: I have read the end of the book.

I know what will be, and I find comfort in my knowledge.

"Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me... I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end,"

At the very same time, I am in hearty agreement with Martin Luther when he said, " If I knew Jesus was coming back tomorrow, I would plant a tree today."