Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bye, Bye Beasley

As this de-cluttering process begins to pay off in real cash, I am already half-way to my goal of a new bike.

Click here to see it's awesome-ness!

I thought it would be difficult to tell Mrs. Beasley "good bye", but when the bids began to roll in... well... it got less and less sad.

Today it came time for the boxing which began to resemble a casket. Well... it is a death of sorts.

Here she is checking out the box size:

She fits!

After this picture, Mrs. Beasley did a really good impersonation of the "Shroud of Turin".

Then, it was: Bye, Bye Beasley!

When I ride my new, shiny bike down the River Trail ... soon ... on a bright, sunny day, the wind in my hair (no helmet... sorry... unless I get that cute polka dot one I saw online the other day) I will thank Mrs. Beasley for how she contributed toward my new passion!

De-cluttering is fun!