Sunday, June 5, 2011

The DAWG Days of Summer

Last week I needed a jacket while riding my bike. This week it is a 100 degrees. The extremely hot weather unexpectedly invading has everyone talking... and complaining.

I did some reading about the expression "The Dogs Days of Summer" and found this internet article:

I have always enjoyed knowing the origins of words and expressions. However, in the South, "The Dog Days of Summer" usually conjures images of front porches and dogs too lazy to move. When it's hot in these parts, all of creation goes into slow motion.

I could not resist taking this picture.

It's Arkansas, y'all.

This dawg's face speaks for us all.

There's only one remedy for days like these: Get to a lake ASAP. I find myself wishing I had a lake house to which I could evacuate.


  1. We were out and about in Chicago's hot hot weather yesterday . . . I forgot how tired I get when it is hot and humid. I should have brought Seattle's weather with me.



  2. Oh Bev! I can hardly function when it's 100 degrees HERE..... I can't imagine how hot it would feel THERE! The article about "dog days" was really interesting - but I still like the visual of dogs lolling on porches, too lazy to move in the heat! Hehe :)

    Those pics are AWESOME! The close-up of the dog's face is PRICELESS!!!

    Now go soak your feet in some cool water on your porch! :D

  3. Priceless pics! And at the Dollar Store to boot! Nothing like an outdoor wedding reception when it's 99 in the shade, huh?