Friday, September 23, 2011

Ride with Sophie


  1. For a second there, I thought you made this video and I'm thinking, Damn, she's talented.

    Well, I'm sure you are talented in so many ways, but good to know you did not make this video or I would have to dislike you. ;)

  2. first of all, I have to thank you for coming by my site, and being so nice as I've gone through this month – my heart hasn't really experienced the depths that it has seen this month – not in this way. And now that I'm back, and reading, I remember why I read the blogs in this community – why I heart blogs like yours – I totally agree with Nancy – it's good you didn't make the video – and it was cute – and it made me smile – and smiles have been rare – so thank you. Thank you. God bless and keep you and all of yours.